7 Highlights From My Recent Holiday Down Under

My Daughter’s Wedding The number one reason my wife and I traveled halfway around the world was, of course, our daughter's wedding in New Zealand. My daughter married a wonderful young man from New Zealand who we are all thrilled about and being her dad, this was most important.  I'm happy to report that my daughter looked beautiful and the wedding was fantastic. The bride and groom were blessed with a rare double rainbow at the reception.

Franz Joseph and Fox Glaciers After the wedding my wife and I took off for a helicopter tour of the Franz Joseph and Fox glaciers. I must admit that we were very lucky with the weather and were able to land on the top of the glacier.  It was an experience I hope you all get to enjoy in the future. After our adventures on the North Island, we flew down to the South Island. It was there that we had one of the most amazing experiences with the geography of New Zealand. We stayed in Queenstown, which is a mecca for thrill seekers. Among the exciting activities offered are parasailing, bungee jumping, jet boats and skydiving.  Basically, you name it and they do it there. My wife very wisely held me back from doing something really stupid like jumping out of an airplane, but I have put it in my list of things to do in the future, maybe next year?

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