FTX Disaster Could Be Good For Crypto Market

The disaster we are all still watching play out with Sam Bankman-Fried and his cryptocurrency exchange FTX could actually be suitable for the longer-term viability of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies.

I know it sounds crazy, and if you were an investor who had money in FTX, you are certainly not happy with this, but long-term, the size of the losses incurred by investors in FTX could benefit the crypto market in years to come.


Since massive losses were incurred, regulators are taking note and investigating what happened.

Sam Bankman-Freid has been arrested and charged with many crimes, including conspiracy, fraud, money laundering, and campaign finance violations.

However, while those charges against him don't have much to do with cryptocurrencies, it is likely that the investigation into how these crimes were committed and, more importantly, how he and his team at FTX were able to evade detection sooner will lead to some changes in the crypto world.

The change I'm referring to, which would boost cryptocurrencies and in some ways turn a bad situation into a good one, would be government oversight and regulation of the cryptocurrency markets.

Since Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all the cryptocurrencies came into existence, we have had no legitimate regulation or oversight of the industry.

While some believe that is a good thing, a lot of investors have been hesitant up to this point to jump into the world of crypto because there is limited to zero oversight. And I am not just talking about small retail investors who have sat on the sidelines, but big-time money managers who are not permitted to invest client funds in such investments due to their largely unregulated markets. Continue reading "FTX Disaster Could Be Good For Crypto Market"