Galleon Paid Millions For Inside Information - Financial News

Galleon hedge fund’s owner Raj Rajaratnam was charged with insider trading. It paid around $250 million to its banks this decade. Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS) and Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) were Galleon’s foremost hedge-fund service providers.

Galleon’s short term trading strategies had it pay huge amounts to banks. Its employees also had to remain in close contact with salespersons and traders at Wall Street. Large buy and sell orders, important market developments and discussions on “one page sellers” of shares became common place with its officials, all such information sharing prohibited by the bank policies.

As a Goldman Sachs executive rightly puts it, “They cared about short-term returns and cared a lot about the impact of their trading and the costs. They expected a lot of market information.” But a leak of corporate information seems to be more of a reason for prosecution than is market information sharing. The case may change the face of high-velocity hedge fund trading for a while, say many a hedge fund owners.


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