Remember Groupon?

Yesterday, Groupon (NASDAQ:GRPN) flashed a new red monthly Trade Triangle. I believe this is a significant event for this stock, as it has also broken a long-term nine month trend line and completed a major head and shoulders top.

1.) Green Monthly Trade Triangle at $5.50 on 1/14/13
2.) 9 month long-term trend line
3.) Head and shoulders top
4.) Head and shoulders neckline
5.) Target zone below $6.00
6.) Red Monthly Trade Triangle at $8.60 on 12/02/13
7.) Resistance at the 50 Line on the RSI Indicator Continue reading "Remember Groupon?"

Goldman's profit doubles, but questions loom

Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) said Tuesday that its second-quarter profit doubled and revenue jumped 30 percent, helped by gains in stock and bond underwriting and the bank's own investments. But the hot topic for analysts who follow the bank was a set of impending capital rules and how they might affect the powerful New York investment bank.

Goldman's stock rose in pre-market trading after the bank released its earnings results with rosy headline numbers. But the stock dipped moments after the market opened, just as Chief Financial Officer Harvey Schwartz faced a barrage of questions about the capital rules and other hard-to-predict factors that could affect the bank's future earnings, including how clients might react to rising interest rates. Continue reading "Goldman's profit doubles, but questions loom"

Goldman Sachs: Bump in the road or crisis on the way?

Last Friday, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), brought charges against Goldman Sachs for selling mortgage-backed securities that the firm allegedly knew were bound to fail, costing investors $1 billion dollars. The news forced the major indices to decline and U.S. stocks to slump, but was this only a hiccup, or are worse things to come?

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Galleon Paid Millions For Inside Information - Financial News

Galleon hedge fund’s owner Raj Rajaratnam was charged with insider trading. It paid around $250 million to its banks this decade. Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS) and Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) were Galleon’s foremost hedge-fund service providers.

Galleon’s short term trading strategies had it pay huge amounts to banks. Its employees also had to remain in close contact with salespersons and traders at Wall Street. Large buy and sell orders, important market developments and discussions on “one page sellers” of shares became common place with its officials, all such information sharing prohibited by the bank policies.

As a Goldman Sachs executive rightly puts it, “They cared about short-term returns and cared a lot about the impact of their trading and the costs. They expected a lot of market information.” But a leak of corporate information seems to be more of a reason for prosecution than is market information sharing. The case may change the face of high-velocity hedge fund trading for a while, say many a hedge fund owners.


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Cash For Clunkers ... and now "Cash For Traders"

Before I get into the "Cash For Traders" topic, I have something to share with you that is very disturbing. I am getting spammed... that's right, spammed by the White House. I have never asked for e-mails from the White House, nor have I signed up for e-mails from the White House. But for some reason David Axelrod, a close adviser to President Obama, feels he can just e-mail me at will trying to sell Obama's universal health package.

Mr. Axelrod please stop this practice now! (see White House Spam here)

I never ever envisioned the White House becoming a spammer, nor did I envision the White House resorting to spam tactics. The White House is using the same spam tactics as every other con artist. You know the ones I am talking about... get-rich-quick schemes and work at home deals you see all over the internet.

David Axelrod come clean with all this spam business, show some respect for the White House and your position.

That's my first issue cause I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore.

Here's the next one ...
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