Here's A Couple Of Stocks I'm Looking At

Here's a couple of stocks I'm looking at that I think represent fairly low risk. I expect both of them to resume their downward trends as their technical picture is not a positive one longer-term. The first one is Citigroup, symbol C and the next stock is Hewlett-Packard, symbol HPQ.
So let's go right to the charts and see with the markets and telling us right now.
As always, we rely on our market proven Trade Triangle technology for catching the big moves.
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Jim Cramer Throws In The Towel

Last week I wrote a blog on Jim Cramer's recessionary stock picks. This blog posting showed the five stocks that he thought would be recession proof and ones that he would suggest you buy. This was on the 8th of January, 2009.

I just happened to tune into Mr. Cramer's show on Thursday night. He basically announced that he was throwing in the towel and that it would be best to get out of these positions.

So let's see how he did with his picks. All of his hypothetical stocks purchases were made on the 8th of January using the closing price.

Caterpillar: Purchased at $44.08 - Sold at $31.58
Home Depot: Purchased at $24.38 - Sold at $22.12
Johnson & Johnson: Purchased at $59.02 - Sold at $58.18
Hewlett - Packard Co.: Purchased at $37.61 - Sold at $36.13
Verizon Communications: Purchased at $32.42 - Sold at $30.45

Here's what we are going to do... we'll take the closing price last  (1/08/09), and the opening of January 30th to see just how Mr. Cramer's recessionary  stock picks worked out. The good news is that Mr. Cramer was five for five. The bad news is, those five stock positions lost money.

I have often said that I am a fan of Mr.Cramer, as he is a very entertaining man. I've also have commented that he never places a stop loss on any position that I've seen. If you have other information to the contrary, please share it with me and the readers of this blog.

Here are the results:

Caterpillar (NYSE_CAT) lost: $12.50 / 28.35%
Home Depot (NYSE_HD) lost: $2.26 / 9.26%
Johnson & Johnson (NYSE_JNJ) lost: $0.84 / 1.42%
Hewlett-Packard Co. (NYSE_HPQ) lost: $1.48 / 3.93%
Verizon Communications (NYSE_VZ) lost: $1.97 / 6.07%

I have to say this is not an impressive lineup of stock picks. By using our "Trade Triangle" Technology, you would have avoided all of these stock picks that Mr. Cramer recommended. So here's my challenge to you: if you watch Mad Money, always check with our technology to see whether you should be purchasing a stock or just standing aside. I think you'll be amazed at the improved results.

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