Win a FREE Membership to MarketClub… when you watch MarketClub TV!

Win a FREE Membership to MarketClub … when you watch MarketClub TV!

It's true!  Now you can watch MarketClub TV and win a 12 month membership to MarketClub even if you already are a member.

Last Thursday we debuted our first MarketClub TV educational trading show and from the kudos we have received I am delighted to call it a great success.

However, as this show was broadcast live many folks around the world could not make the 7pm EST time slot to view the show.  If fact in our recent poll, 78% of you indicated that you were unable to watch the show because of time constraints.

Now for the good news ... You can watch last weeks show right here (click on March 17th show just below the main picture window) and still have a chance to win a free membership to MarketClub. So don't delay, MarketClub TV is on demand and you can watch it now.  Who knows, it might be your name we pull out of the hat this Thursday!

You can't win if you don't watch … so watch today and see why this show rapidly becoming a game changer for many traders and investors.

Enjoy the show and every success in your future trading.

Adam Hewison,
President of
Co-founder of MarketClub

Quick Note From A New Member

We received a message from a new member yesterday and I thought I would pass it along to Trader's Blog visitors. We love hearing stories like this...


"I think MarketClub is a wonderful tool, and I'm looking forward to learning how to use it to help me make better trading decisions than I would otherwise make if I didn't have the benefit of MarketClub's analysis.

In fact, it's already made me money (or, rather, saved me from losing money)!  Let me explain.  Like I said, I'm a very new customer of yours, having only had the product since last week Thursday.  I entered my entire Portfolio and studied the resulting Charts with Trade Triangles and Scores that evening. I didn't like what I saw when it came to MELA. So Friday morning I sold my 420 shares of MELA at $9.61. Today, Monday, MELA is now at $8.36. That's a difference of $1.25 which, when multiplied by my 420 shares = $525.00! So, having avoided that loss, it's like getting over a full year of MarketClub service for free! Imagine how happy I am to have made the decision to subscribe to MarketClub!"

Mike M.
Detroit, Michigan