Buffett's "Dirty" Little Secret

Warren Buffett is always a hot topic and today I've asked Greg Roy, who has a unique opinion on Buffet's strategies, to share what he calls "Buffett's dirty little secret". Whether you agree or disagree,  Greg will certainly leave you with something to think about. Whatever your stance, we encourage you to comment below and dig deeper into Greg's reasoning with his latest report.


They’re missing the point.

Nine out of ten “gurus” who tell you to “invest like Buffett” preach that you should “buy great companies at a discount.”

And yes, on the face, that’s “what Buffett does” – but completely overlooks the real secret to Buffett’s investing genius.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m no “Buffophile” – some of the blind adoration heaped on him in some quarters I find not only distasteful but propagates dangerous attitudes about investing and trading. But I do think he’s as close to a genius as any investor in recent history.

Because Buffett is playing a completely different game than everyone else.

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