What Separates The Winning Traders From The Losers?

I want to talk to you today about a topic that I feel is the most important aspect of trading.

It's called "The Psychological Gap."

It's what separates the men from the boys... and the winning traders from the losers.

Warning:  Avoid the mistake of thinking this isn't important.

There's a big difference between fantasizing about trading and actually executing trades.

One person makes money while the other falls prey to limiting beliefs and fails to see a dime.

Having the right trading mindset is the key.

You might not know this because you're still committed to learning... Continue reading "What Separates The Winning Traders From The Losers?"

Snapchat and the Disappearing Bears in the Stock Market

See what happens in the financial markets when the bears vanish

By Elliott Wave International

If Inspector Gadget or Maxwell Smart had lived in the digital age, their bosses would have used the smartphone app Snapchat to deliver their secret missions.

Snapchat is a popular app with about 8 million users that lets your smartphone send a photo that self-destructs seconds after your recipient views it. As of September 2013, users were sending about 350-400 million vanishing messages a day -- which compares with the 127.5 million shares that changed hands in the Dow on Jan. 27, 2014.

But when Evan Spiegel, the Stanford student who came up with the idea, unveiled it to his product design class in 2011, his classmates gave it a thumbs-down. Disappearing photos? Who will use it? Little did his classmates know how the app, originally called Picaboo, would go on to capture the attention of teenagers and young adults. And even a few older folks who want to connect with them, such as 51-year-old Senator Rand Paul, who recently signed up to woo younger voters.

The idea of the disappearing photo applies beautifully to the situation in the stock market today. Pessimists on stocks are disappearing quickly. And so are bearish analysts. Not in 10 seconds, but they are still doing a version of a Snapchat disappearing act. Here's how The Elliott Wave Financial Forecast describes it (emphasis added) in this excerpt from our just-released 2014 State of the Global Markets report: Continue reading "Snapchat and the Disappearing Bears in the Stock Market"