Will there be a Marijuana ETF in 2015?

Matt Thalman - INO.com Contributor - ETFs

As more and more states either allow medical marijuana to be sold or outright legalize the drug, investors interests in the business of marijuana have grown. Countless outfits have popped up on the public markets, mainly on the OTC or over the counter exchange, touting the idea that they will be the next big marijuana conglomerate which will dominate sales of the drug throughout the US.

This 'possible' market opportunity for marijuana based companies in the US could be rather large, if all 52 states opened their doors to the drug by making it legal. (Just thinking about this idea makes dollar signs pop into my head.) But as of now, the business is still small, with only a few states completely legalizing the drug and just a few others allowing it to be used for medical reasons. Continue reading "Will there be a Marijuana ETF in 2015?"