We'll see you on Tuesday!

It's official, summer is winding down and nothing makes that more evident in the states than the long Labor Day weekend.

The markets will be closed on Monday and so will INO.com and MarketClub. We hope that you enjoy the 3 days off or maybe even use them to get ready for the full-swing fall trading season. It's a perfect time to reassess your trading plan and make necessary changes to get you on the right path for the last quarter of 2010. As always, we invite you to use Adam's game plan which is downloadable by clicking here.

Enjoy the holiday and we look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.

The MarketClub Team

Snowmageddon, Part 2


We're still snowed in. Well, I guess it would be snowed out of our offices. With the promise of another couple feet of snow and lots of packed snow and ice still on the roads, we would rather be safe than sorry when it comes to our staff.

Not to worry though, we've all been to the store to pick through the last few eggs and grab a stickerless, mystery gallon of milk at the grocery store with everyone else on the east coast.

We hope that anyone else who is bearing this storm along with us stays safe and warm and we hope to get back to normal as soon as possible!

Best wishes,

Susan Jackson
Director of MarketClub Education
INO.com & MarketClub

If you are a MarketClub or INO TV member, you may still reach us via email at su*****@in*.com and we will respond as soon as possible.