Using Leverage & Risk Management to Win Big in Today's Market

Our very own Trader Travis, former U.S. Investing Champion and creator of the MarketClub Options Blueprint, joined Adam Mesh last week to discuss the current market environment and how he's been able to fair so well.

Mesh invited him for good reason, Travis' last three trades generated a 41%, 43%, and 87% ROI for SPY, LLY, and NUE, respectively. Travis will show you exactly how and why he selected, entered and exited those trades.

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Believe it or not, this is actually the exact same strategy he uses in up, down, and even sideways markets and he has never had a losing year since its inception in 2015.

But ultimately, what's JUST as important as making money when the market is as unstable as it is now? Protecting it!

He'll show you how to use his 2/10 formula so you never "blow out" your account, yet still be able to capture double and even triple-digit gains.

Once you check out the webinar, don't miss this special offer! (It is supposed to be reserved for current members, but we're sneaking you this link!). Lock in a very special offer AND a 30-day money-back guarantee!

10-minute trade update: 1 month later...

If you were able to attend our live MarketClub Options Webinar that I hosted in March, you are probably curious what happened to the three 10-minute trades that we placed on AMAT, INTC, and NEE.

Watch the webinar recording below (no registration needed) to see how and why we placed those three trades.

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Now here's your update: as of 4-26-18, all 3 trades show a small loss of $125.

Am I embarrassed that the live trades I placed are losing money? Nope!


Because losing money is normal.

A few losing trades here and there are no big deal. In fact, I teach (and follow) a money management formula that allows up to 25 losing trades in a row before it starts to hurt your account.

It is important to me to show how losses like this are par for the course. Ultimately, losses are overshadowed by your gains when you use a time-tested strategy like the MarketClub Options Blueprint.

Trader Travis
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