Do You Speak Geordie?

Chances are unless you grew up in the north of England (Newcastle to be exact,) you wouldn't understand the language of the Geordies.

I recently posted on this blog some highlights from my holiday down under and in part of that blog posting I mentioned that I was from Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Well, as we all know the web is an amazing tool and it wasn't long before one of our members, who is also a Geordie, commented with some real Geordie talk.

I'm going to include his comment in this post to demonstrate a point that will be a little clearer later in this blog posting. You will probably not understand what follows, and that's okay, because I think it is a pretty fair bet that the chances of you going to Newcastle upon Tyne are pretty slim.

See if you can understand this?

Weh ye buggar mar, ah did'n nah yeh weor wone of the canny lads from the toon? De ye iver sing blaydon races noo and de ye get yeor broon sent ower.

Translation here:
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