AAMC NICU - INO Cares August 2015

This month, our Director of External Advertising, Kenny Shay, picked our INO Cares recipient. Kenny thought long and hard about who in our community needed our help. He found himself torn between a few causes, but decided that he wanted to share some love with the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Anne Arundel Medical Center in Annapolis, Maryland.

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When Kenny’s first daughter, Kendall, was born in February of 2014, she spent some time in the NICU at AAMC. In what is a confusing and stressful time for the whole family, the staff, especially the NICU nurses, provided genuine care and comfort. He was so touched by the amazing treatment that he and his daughter received that he wanted INO to show our support for the nurses, the NICU babies, and their families.

For The Nurses
Long shifts and late hours makes coffee a necessity. We purchased Starbucks gifts cards to pay for those all important coffee runs for the NICU staff.

For The Babies
We went on a shopping spree to provide the NICU with newborn outfits for their little patients. We purchased the girls and boys some seasonal and everyday outfits and made sure to send some Soothie pacifiers for some sweet comfort.

For The Parents
AAMC's NICU has an amazing Journey Bead program. This program provides bracelets to the mothers of these bitty babies. As their child hits NICU milestones, the mothers are given beads for their bracelets to mark these significant moments. When their bracelet is finished, their babies are ready to go home. INO.com was happy to provide a donation to help fund this program.

Kenny knows how difficult this time is for the parents and also realizes how emotional and physically exhausting a NICU job must be.

Thank you to the staff at AAMC NICU. It takes so much strength and love to provide relief for vulnerable babies and parents during such a critical time. We appreciate what you do for the families in our community! We hope that our gift basket helped brighten your day and helped to provide some goodies for the parents and babies in your NICU. You all truly do something so wonderful.

If there are any causes that are important to you, please tell us about them! We’d love to pick organizations nominated by our blog visitors for next year’s INO Cares campaign.

Lindsay Bittinger
INO.com, Inc.