Forget Nike: Get 30% Upside With This Apparel 'Startup' Instead

By: Marshall Hargrave of Street Authority

Technology is all around us and in everything: our homes, cars, offices -- and even in our clothing.

Apparel companies are looking more and more like technology companies these days. Wearable technology has become one of the fastest-growing markets over the past year, with apparel companies pushing the limits on recording our physical activity and then transforming it into useful data.

One of the fastest-growing and most innovative companies in the apparel space, Under Armour (NYSE: UA) is at the forefront of this trend. Under Armour has the insight of real-life athletes, the look of an apparel company and the feel of a tech company. Continue reading "Forget Nike: Get 30% Upside With This Apparel 'Startup' Instead"