The Unconventional Way To Play Oil In FX

Lior Alkalay - Contributor - Forex

Will Oil continue to fall? That is still a question with no definitive answer. But as I emphasized in my latest article on Oil, there's a growing chance of an Oil rebound. And even if an Oil rebound doesn't eventually materialize it's prudent to have a strategy in place. In this article, we'll focus on a strategy that is slightly less common. Of course, you could just take a naked bet on an Oil-oriented currency, e.g. the Norwegian Krone or the Canadian Loonie. But those trades could easily and quickly tank if the signals for an Oil rebound turn out to be false. So what is this unconventional way? Don't short/buy a petro currency against a currency unrelated to oil (e.g. Dollar, Yen or Euro). Instead, buy or sell a petro currency vs. a peer that is deemed a commodity currency, but a non-petro one. That could prove to be a much safer play.

Trading Correlated Currencies Reduces Risk

When you trade correlated currencies against each other, such as the NOK and Aussie, you have a reduced upside. While that's a true statement, there are also big benefits. When there is a short-term gap in performance, there is a higher likelihood that this gap will close. And that provides an opportunity that is rather easy to spot. Then, too, the downside is also more limited, so while the profit might be reduced so are the risks. In fact, if you compare the potential of correlated trades vs. uncorrelated, those trends tend to be slower moving and generate fewer profits. However, it compensates the investor with more certainty (the gaps almost always close), making them less volatile and less risky. Continue reading "The Unconventional Way To Play Oil In FX"