Is The Government Rolling the Dice on Your Financial Future?

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The ‘Trader’s Solution’ to Saving Your Retirement

It seems money – or, to be more specific, the record rate at which our government is spending it – is once again the center of national attention. President Obama’s budget plan is making headlines all across the nation – in particular, its lack of attention to the two biggest, government money-eaters by far: Medicare and Social Security.

60% of the budget is already slated to bankroll entitlement programs and it’s estimated that spending will rise 71% for Social Security, 72% for Medicare, and 115% for Medicaid (the third gorilla in the room) over the next ten years.

Let’s face it, the pressure is building. And, if something isn’t done, sooner or later they’re both going to blow. I shudder to think of the disastrous financial straits it will leave many American’s in (The collapse of Fannie and Freddie will pale in comparision…)…
Fortunately, whether you realize it or not, you already know the secret to ensuring that money won’t be an issue in your golden years.

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