Is The Government Rolling the Dice on Your Financial Future?

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One thought on “Is The Government Rolling the Dice on Your Financial Future?

  1. Rolling the dice would imply an element of risk, of chance. But what they are doing is more or less not that, but a sure road to ruin if kept up - maybe already for too long. One might want to consider various forms of security outside what's normally considered finance in the attempt to compensate. Never in a long life have more people been saying this at once, not just the tinfoil hat crowd. Really, the only two questions are:
    1. Are they all wrong together? It's not unknown (real estate never goes down).

    2. When does it really go down?

    Make hay while the sun shines, but with one foot out the door, and another place to go and a way to be if #2 is the right answer.

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