The Perfect Storm the movie...of trading?

Is there really such a thing as "The Perfect Storm" of trading? At first I wasn't sure. But after talking to Shane Daly, coach at Netpicks and writer for "Evil Genius Cheats" newsletter, my mind was changed. We spoke for a while and that's when I asked him to write a blog post so I could get the pulse and opinions of the Trader's Blog readers! So he got to writing and put together the article below. I'd like to get your thoughts and opinions as Shane will be reading and answering questions and comments. If you also find the article useful then I recommend you check out the newsletter "Evil Genius Cheats" that's put together just for

The Perfect Storm

Trader's Blog readers.


Back in 1991, several conditions occurred that created an unusual storm that not only took some lives, but also had caused over $200 million in damages.  Most famous, are the 6 lives that were lost and highlighted in the movie “The Perfect Storm”.

The act of trading also adds in some conditions that, if not prepared for, will not only cause you loss of money but also perhaps life as you know it.  Trading is also “A Perfect Storm”...

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