Rio 2016: Guide to Investing In Brazil

There was a lot of talk about potential host cities for the Olympics lately and the politics associated. That talk died down after Brazil was awarded the honor of hosting. You may be asking "how does that relate to trading"...well my friend Raul of the Shocked Investor is about to make that connection. He has been researching the Brazilian stocks and options recently and more importantly ones traded on American exchanges. Enjoy the article and be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts.


With Rio de Janeiro having just being awarded the Olympics 2016 there will be enormous activity and interest in Brazil. There will be tremendous investments made in the city and in the country. Whether the government itself makes a profit money-wise is a difficult proposition, and difficult to measure. However, the benefits to the country are long term and in many other indirect areas. Many companies and sectors will certainly boom and make considerable revenue. Continue reading "Rio 2016: Guide to Investing In Brazil"