Can History Predict the Future?

Cycles, rhythms, patterns, and matter what you call them they are there in the markets. One market in particular is the Nasdaq and today I've invited Steve Hoven from to give us his insight into the patterns of the Nasdaq. If you have any other patterns you'd like to share please do so in the comment section and be sure and visit to check in on what he does!


The Nasdaq Index is over 30+ years old.

Yet did you know that over those 30+ years on the date July 9th, the Nasdaq finishes the day UP over 85% of the time.  That is right- since the early 1970's when the Nasdaq began, it has been open 27 times on date July 9th and out of those 27 times, the Nasdaq has finished in the Positive 23 times and DOWN only 4 times.
(of course July 9th sometimes falls on a Saturday/Sunday when the markets aren't open so that is why you only see 27 trades instead of 30+)

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