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"Having a well-balanced portfolio is essential for success as an investor. Loading up on small cap stocks or lesser-known brands can add excitement to a portfolio but at the cost of adding more risk than you might want leading to dramatic declines when the market becomes volatile. Making sure you have a solid, large-cap performer in the mix can round out volatility while increasing overall diversity and value to your portfolio.

Right now the tech industry has some of the fast growing companies in the stock market. Even large-cap stocks in tech have the ability to outperform the broader indexes. This company has been consistently breaking new ground in the technology space and its name is synonymous with innovation making it best in breed..."

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Our analyst, Daniel Cross, projects that this well-known, highly-liquid stock is fair valued at 16% above the current price.

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Average Gains of 11.35%. Want to Know Today's Pick?'s Stock of the Week

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The picks that our subscribers have been receiving from Dan Cross have been quite impressive. As of yesterday's closing bell, his picks from June 7th and on are averaging gains of 11.35%. With proper trade management, you could have trapped even more profits.

Since June of 2016

GRUB up 32.90% in 10 Weeks
NVDA up 34.92% in 9 Weeks
KSS up 25.05% in 8 Weeks
BWLD up 11.67% in 7 Weeks
BUD down 0.60% in 6 Weeks
DVN up 8.11% in 5 Weeks
TTWO up 4.05% in 4 Weeks
CYBR down 5.08% in 3 Weeks
KHC up 4.07% in 2 Weeks
COH down 0.77% in 1 Week
???? released today!

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Pick From 6/28 Is Up 18% In 6 Weeks's Stock of the Week

On the 28th of June, our analyst, Daniel Cross, told our Stock of the Week subscribers to take a closer look at Buffalo Wild Wings Inc. (NASDAQ:BWLD).

From the moment our subscribers received their full Stock of the Week analysis until now, BWLD has moved up 18.4%. In only 6 weeks, this stock has reached the target that Dan identified and is still on the move.

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Meet Our Stock of the Week Analyst

Dan holds the Chartered Financial Consultant designation (ChFC) as well as Series 7 and Series 66 licenses, and has embarked on the arduous journey of obtaining the coveted CFA designation.

His true passion is evaluating stocks and writing for various financial publishers. He's had more than 300 articles published on StreetAuthority, MoneyUnder30, Investopedia, Seeking Alpha, Morningstar, and more. Cross has been proudly contributing stock picks and analysis to's Traders Blog for the last 15 months.

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Pick Almost Flat For Year, But Has Room To Move's Stock of the Week

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This week's pick is a solid growth story that should continue to move forward regardless of what happens to the economy in the short term. The stock trades in line with its competitors, but comes with a relatively high long-term growth rate of 7% for a company valued at more than $210 billion.

Perhaps the biggest selling point for investors though is the stock's defensive capabilities. It has proven to be a great investment no matter the market conditions. When times are great, people buy this company's products. When times are tough, people buy this company's products.

Right now our analyst, Daniel Cross, believes that this stock can offer a 14% return based on the current valuation and the stock's dividend yield.

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Stock of the Week Could Hit $35 Per Share

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This week's stock is up 17% year-to-date, but it may have more room to run. It has characteristics of a classic high growth stock and is currently trading at 40 times earnings. To top it off, this company has little to no debt liabilities and is a great candidate for further acquisitions or expansions.

When it comes to dollars, this company reported record numbers for the first quarter this year generating revenue growth of 27% year-over-year. It even reported earnings of $0.19 per share, beating analysts estimates by more than 33%. With numbers like this, this stock could be a contender for your portfolio.

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