Renewable Cash Flow

Adam Feik - Contributor - Energies

Having spent the lion's share of the last two weeks in Las Vegas and Denver, I've seen my share of solar panels lately. In fact, the express purpose of my Denver trip was to visit and tour a solar plant owned by Greenbacker Renewable Energy Company, a non-traded publicly-registered "YieldCo" investment available to qualified investors through advisors.

Want proof? Here's a dashing photo of me at Greenbacker's Denver International Airport Solar Farm, taken just this Wednesday:

Greenbacker Denver International Airport Solar Farm

The tour was very interesting, as was our group's educational seminar about Greenbacker (I was an attendee). Greenbacker currently owns 82 already-producing solar facilities in 7 states plus Ontario, Canada. Since the firm's goal is to provide its investors with steady, increasing cash distributions, Greenbacker has locked in contracts with an average of 16 years remaining to sell power to its "offtakers," including credit-worthy utilities, government entities, and corporations. Most contracts include some modest annual increase to account for inflation. Continue reading "Renewable Cash Flow"