A Very Interesting New ETF, The 'Short Squeeze' ETF

Matt Thalman - INO.com Contributor - ETFs

On March 21st shares of The Active Alts Contrarian ETF (NASDAQ:SQZZ) began trading. SQZZ is the first ETF of its kind and opens the door for investors looking at investments from a slightly different angle. SQZZ is in a nutshell a 'short squeeze' Exchange Traded Fund.

First I will explain how shorting a stock works and what a 'short squeeze' is and then I will discuss SQZZ and why I like it.

What Does It Mean To 'Short' A Stock and What's A 'Short Squeeze'

If you don’t 'short' stocks very often, the concept of a 'short squeeze' and how this ETF will make money may be a little confusing. But I will start at the beginning and try to explain it all.

First, when a stock is sold 'short' that means the investors believes the price of the stock will move lower, not higher. If you buy stocks believing the share price will be higher in the future, what most people typically do, that is called going long on a stock. Hence, the phrase, 'going short' a stock when you think the share price is going to decline. Continue reading "A Very Interesting New ETF, The 'Short Squeeze' ETF"