Why losing traders look for methods that win 80% or more of the time

I'll get right to it...this post from Bill Poulos from Profits Run is excellent! We've all been in this situation, where we look for a great methodology for our trading style, look at published winning percentages, and then cry when it completely blows up your account...yes we've ALL been there! In Bill's new article he helps you figure out the solutions. Bill's expertise really comes through in this article and he's just released his “Risk Eraser” technique video so check it out today!


While doing research on the current state of the Forex trading landscape, I discovered something surprising.

Losing Forex traders appear to be enamored with 'winning percentages' when selecting a forex trading method.

The irony in that statement should be obvious -- if the 'winning percentage' of the forex method is so important, how can these traders still be net losers?

Because, I believe, winning percentage is the wrong concept to focus on. In fact, I find winning forex traders look for methods that have winning percentages closer to 50-60%. And, they also have one more 'secret' that losing traders DON'T have.

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