A Simple Strategy for Day Trading

Today I'd like to welcome Markus Heitkoetter from Rockwelltrading.com. Markus' article below dives into what most traders just don't get. Enjoy the article, comment below, and visit Rockwelltrading.com to see what Markus's next webinar event is.


With dozens of indicators, hundreds of chart patterns, and thousands of combination's between the two, it’s no wonder that many traders struggle to find and enter trades with confidence. “Analysis paralysis” is a common problem for many traders, and it can even keep experienced traders from taking good trades. It’s easy to plot a dozen indicators on your chart, but what are they really telling you? Are you able to make split second decisions when there is an opportunity in the market? If not, it’s probably time to simplify your trading.

One of the easiest ways I’ve found to keep things simple, and avoid being a victim of "analysis paralysis", is to use a strategy that I call, "The Simple Strategy".

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