Clarification on Apple

WOW, thank you so much for all the positive feedback we received from our last video on Apple.

There appears to be some confusion as to if we are advocating a long position in Apple, or if we're neutral on this stock. The short answer is we are neutral on Apple. In the Apple video we illustrated some classic Fibonacci retracement numbers that indicate where Apple could go. We did not say you should buy Apple.

In order for us to buy Apple our monthly (trend) Trade Triangle must be green. Currently this monthly trend indicator is red.

I sincerely hope that this video clearly illustrates the power of the MarketClub Trade Triangle approach.

Right after April 1st, we will be publishing our Q1 results. The early numbers look promising.

Once again, thank you for all your positive feedback, and for taking the time to watch our videos and read our blog postings.

Here's to your best trading year ever!

Adam Hewison

2 thoughts on “Clarification on Apple

  1. Mr. Hewison,

    Thank you for clarifying the timing of the Apple in the follow-up video - though I thought you briefly mentioned it in your first video on 3/26.

    The stock market never made any sense to me until I started watching your videos. I heard various terms, methods, systems, etc. on how to approach investing in the stock market, however the key aspects/concepts of knowing the trend and timing entry and exit each trade suddenly became clear for the first time when I watched your videos on the MarketClub. I ended up losing money many times when I ventured to trade/invest... so I pretty much stayed on the side lines. However, the videos, material and your blog on MarketClub has breathed new air and hopes for me. There is so much material out there, but nothing that put it together for me in simple and succinct terms like the material on the MarketClub. Nothing I came across thus far parallels your education - this I think is THE KEY for any novice investor/trader to succeed in the stock market. I am in the process of getting better understanding of the basics. I started working on my game plan as you mentioned on your video, which will include one essential tool - the MarketClub. I hope to do well once I get started.

    As I reviewed your videos, I thought of something that could provide great value. Is there anyway we can see the longer term triangles on the X-axis or some place while we are on the shorter term charts? For example, the daily charts with trade triangles will show the green or the red triangle for weekly and monthly for the corresponding dates over the X-axis. The weekly charts will have the monthly and quarterly triangles on the X-axis corresponding to the dates they were triggered, etc. I am sure this would take some programmatic changes to your system, but should be easy to do. This will allow one not have to go back and forth between the charts for trend and timing, unless specific details are needed.

    The same triangles (quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily) can be added as a separate column for the entries in the portfolios one creates - sorry I do not yet have the tool, so I am speaking from memory. If this feature already exists, please ignore.

    Just a couple of suggestions that could add further value to your tools.

    Have a great day.... jay.

  2. I have a question regarding the use of the trade triangles. When the green triangle is generated, it does so at a specific price. However, sometimes it is not possible to buy into the commodity at that price, due to rapid rise in value. In that case, is it best for an investor to not buy, or to go ahead and buy anyway, at a higher price? In a recent example, on 3/26 a buy signal was given for May Crude at 102.38. One day later the price is up at 107. Would it be better to avoid this market now, if I have not already bought in, or is it still acceptable to buy in, on the assumption that the momentum will continue upward?


    The date and price below the triangle is the exact date and price at which the algorithm was triggered. This date and price is not issued as a ideal point, but at the time at which the trend was marked as a stable reversal. Of course if the current market price is a great percentage away from the issue price than you may have missed your opportunity, however below are a few ways that you can make sure you get close to the triangle price.

    1) Try to anticipate triangle prices and set limit orders (make sure you check Trend Analysis and more sure a market is trending

    Anticipating the triangle is SUPER helpful. The triangles are based around a few weighed criteria, but a very heavy factor is that 3 period high or low. Volume, price change and price percentage are also factored, but the main thing is that high or low. Now please use extremes as an exception. I think that if you look back on a chart you will notice that when a market breaks through the high or low of the previous 3 bars, that price is the price at which the algorithm was trigger.

    2) Use the <-- --> button in your chart portfolio

    Portfolio Toggle – This tool will allow you to toggle through the charts for each symbol in your portfolio. This is help you easy check up on your Triangle or indicators for other studies.

    You can use the left and right arrow buttons on your charting applet to toggle through your portfolio on various time scales. What you would do to look for recent daily trade triangle (forex), is to set your charts on a daily level, make sure you have your triangle function on and then click the --> triangle in the circle and look for a triangle above or below the last bar. This is an easy way to check for recent signals.

    3) Alerts (ETA - TBD)

    Right now we do not have instant alert capabilities, however we are working on an email (PDA) alert system. I do not know when this technology will be debuted, but I hope it to be within the next few quarters.

    Let me know if you have any further questions.


    Lindsay Thompson
    Director of New Business Development & MarketClub

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