"Saturday Seminars" - Avoiding Trading Mistakes

Whether you are a novice or an experienced trader, sometimes the markets leave you feeling like either an idiot, a moron or both. Trading professional Mark Cook shows you how to conquer trading mistakes and get back on the right track.

In his workshop he shows you what to do when your winning percentage drops, how to adjust position size for different trading environments and how to build your confidence. His methods will help you achieve trading consistency but, should your capital erode, his insights will also show you how to rebuild your capital base.

Mark will explain the importance of knowing...

  • Your Market Environment
  • Your Unique Trading Style
  • The Speed of the Horse
  • The Capital Needed

A trader for twenty-two years, Mark Cook operates from his family's 1870s farmhouse in East Sparta, Ohio. He manages his own and client's accounts and offers a fax advisory service, Mark D. Cook's Trader's Fax, on S&P and T-Bond futures and OEX options, that is specifically dedicated to helping people become better traders. His own early trading years were difficult, but as he struggled for success, he gained valuable experience and learned what makes - and breaks - a trader. Mark developed the Cook Cumulative Tick™ Indicator and gained acclaim by winning the 1992 U.S. Investment Championship with a 563.8% return. He has written numerous articles for industry publications including Futures magazine, Financial Trader and Barron's and was featured in Forbes magazine (January 1994). In addition to his trading activities, he conducts workshops and teaches traders from around the globe, helping them learn how to make the most of their natural talents. Mark D. Cook was selected for Jack D. Schwager's new book, Stock Market Wizards, due for release shortly. Mr. Schwager previously wrote the best selling books, Market Wizards and The New Market Wizards. Now Mr. Schwager is placing emphasis on traders proficient in the stock market with years of successful track record, which characterizes Mark D. Cook's market timing techniques.


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6 thoughts on “"Saturday Seminars" - Avoiding Trading Mistakes

  1. The S&P500 has reached its 38% Fib. retracement as measured from the lows of 10/11/2002 to its highs of 10/12/2007.Next downside target of 50% is at approximately 1172 and then the 62% at 1076. Does anyone still think that the Market has found a bottom yet? Any thoughts,anyone?

  2. Hi Mark,

    I`d like to thank you for your audio which make me realize my mistakes which repeat again & again. I hope to recover all my losses of $200,000.00. My holding now are GE & JPM. I bought the GE at $29.72 & the JPM at $36.88. I didn`t short it. & saw my accounts went down. Pls let me know what must I do. Thanks.

    GOD bless,

  3. Wow!!
    A very good presentation and probably the most important thing in trading is a mindset..80% of trading is a mental control . With out of training we are set up to loose in the market. Our "Left" side natural-disaster. "Left" side, never give up, never loose, win every time, happy with any (small) win. Our "Right" side is 'HOLY GRAIL" in you. Realize when to give-up, Accept small losses, Can't win every single trade, Give yourself a chance for big win.
    Thank you for a good post

  4. Excellent presentation. Well worth taking the time to listen to someone like Mark that has real knowledge and willing to share it.

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