"Saturday Seminars" -Pattern Probability Used in a Unified System

The new trader should have no difficulty following this presentation. Concepts progress logically from the basic to the more complex. There are no abstract theories that the trader must accept on faith or complex formulas to intimidate the new practitioner. Step by step, Curtis proves that any trader can duplicate his personal trading success by approaching trading as a business. A trader must have a consistent approach and a long-term perspective and must adhere to the four basic tenets of trading: trade with the trend, cut losses short, let profits run, and use good money management.

Curtis explains why most traders lose and why success depends upon long-term thinking. Curtis shows a simple way to define a trend and describes nine specific patterns that allow you to follow any trend with minimal risk. You will learn to recognize the most powerful pattern found on a chart and ways to avoid missing a major move.

Curtis teaches you how and when to move your stop to break-even and how to combine two powerful exit systems to ensure that you never again give back your open profits. Curtis also discusses some of the additional considerations that allow a trader to adopt a more aggressive stance when appropriate, including basis relationships, options expiration, and first notice days. Finally, Curtis teaches you a proven money management system using a fixed fractional approach to boost your performance and reduce your longest string of losses.

Curtis Arnold is a veteran of the stocks and commodities markets. His first book, Your Personal Computer Can Make You Rich in Stocks and Commodities, sold over 50,000 copies and contained the actual code for twenty-five programs that would create and plot technical indicators. His next book, Timing the Market (1984), sold nearly 70,000 copies worldwide. Changing Times magazine chose Timing the Market as the best investment book of the year in 1992. In 1994, the book made the best-seller list in India. Curtis developed the Commitment of Traders Index, a tool that allows traders to spot imbalances in futures open interest among small, large, and commercial speculators. In 1987, Curtis' research led him to quantify and classify classical chart patterns, then produce accurate statistics, rating each for its probabilities of success. This led Curtis to develop his PPS System (Pattern Probability Strategy), one of today's more successful and popular trading systems. After tripling his personal account in 1988, Curtis began training a limited number of students in his methodology. In 1992, one of his students became the number-one-ranked CTA in the country. That same year, a first-year PPS student won the United States Investing Championship with a return of 216.1 percent. Supertraders Almanac then chose PPS as "Trading Methodology of the Year."


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"Saturday Seminars" - Advanced Fibonacci Applications and the Price Axis...

Advanced Fibonacci Applications and the Price Axis in the Forex, Stock Index, and Interest Rate Futures.

Joe’s techniques result in significantly higher percentages of winning trades through more accurate stop placement, market entry and profit objective location. Joe’s high-accuracy trading approach depends on the proper mix of both leading (Fibonacci) and lagging indicators.

You will learn where and how to apply Fibonacci analysis. This context determines the real bottom-line difference. Joe devotes a significant part of his lecture to trend analysis and directional techniques using variations of Stochastics, MACD and displaced moving averages. Technical analysis software packages can simulate all of these unique and specific variations through pre-programmed studies or by inserting the formulas Joe provides for you.

Joe will explain the three categories of a winning futures trading plan:

  • Management (Yourself & Your Capital)
  • A Competent Trend & Direction Analysis Tool
  • Proper Applications of Fibonacci Retracement & Objective Analysis

Joe DiNapoli is a veteran trader with over twenty-five years of solid market trading experience. He is also a dogged and thorough researcher, an internationally recognized lecturer, and a widely acclaimed author. Joe’s formal education was in electrical engineering and economics. He received his informal education in “the Bunker,” an aptly named trading room packed full of electronics and communications equipment. This is where most of Joe’s early research began. Joe is one of today’s most sought-after experts for his exhaustive investigations into displaced moving averages, his creation of the proprietary “Oscillator Predictor,” and in particular, his practical and unique method of applying Fibonacci ratios to the price axis. A registered CTA, Joe has taught his techniques in the major financial capitals of Europe and Asia, as well as in the United States. His articles have appeared in a wide variety of technical publications across the nation and worldwide. In 1996 alone, Joe taught capacity audiences in twenty-three financial centers around the globe. Joe was a contributing author to High Performance Futures Trading: Power Lessons From the Masters, selected 1990 book of the year by Super Trader’s Almanac. He also wrote the Fibonacci Money Management and Trend Analysis In-Home Trading Course, which has been lauded by professional and novice traders alike. Joe published his newest and most complete work, DiNapoli Levels, in 1997. The book has been hailed by Futures Truth as “one of the best new technical books to come along in a long time.” When Chuck LeBeau (Technical Traders Bulletin) asked his readers for names of successful traders they wanted to see interviewed, Joe DiNapoli’s name came up more often than any other. The Atlanta Constitution cited Joe’s work by referring to the “magical power” of Fibonacci ratios in the marketplace. Joe has often made use of this magic to make both startling and uncannily accurate market predictions, particularly in stock market indexes and interest rate futures. As the president of Coast Investment Software, Inc., located on Siesta Key in Sarasota, Florida, Joe continues to develop and deploy “high accuracy” trading methods, using a combination of leading and lagging indicators in unique and innovative ways. He conducts a limited number of private tutorials each year at his trading room and he also makes his trading approach available to others via software and trading course materials.


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"Saturday Seminars" - Avoiding Trading Mistakes

Whether you are a novice or an experienced trader, sometimes the markets leave you feeling like either an idiot, a moron or both. Trading professional Mark Cook shows you how to conquer trading mistakes and get back on the right track.

In his workshop he shows you what to do when your winning percentage drops, how to adjust position size for different trading environments and how to build your confidence. His methods will help you achieve trading consistency but, should your capital erode, his insights will also show you how to rebuild your capital base.

Mark will explain the importance of knowing...

  • Your Market Environment
  • Your Unique Trading Style
  • The Speed of the Horse
  • The Capital Needed

A trader for twenty-two years, Mark Cook operates from his family's 1870s farmhouse in East Sparta, Ohio. He manages his own and client's accounts and offers a fax advisory service, Mark D. Cook's Trader's Fax, on S&P and T-Bond futures and OEX options, that is specifically dedicated to helping people become better traders. His own early trading years were difficult, but as he struggled for success, he gained valuable experience and learned what makes - and breaks - a trader. Mark developed the Cook Cumulative Tick™ Indicator and gained acclaim by winning the 1992 U.S. Investment Championship with a 563.8% return. He has written numerous articles for industry publications including Futures magazine, Financial Trader and Barron's and was featured in Forbes magazine (January 1994). In addition to his trading activities, he conducts workshops and teaches traders from around the globe, helping them learn how to make the most of their natural talents. Mark D. Cook was selected for Jack D. Schwager's new book, Stock Market Wizards, due for release shortly. Mr. Schwager previously wrote the best selling books, Market Wizards and The New Market Wizards. Now Mr. Schwager is placing emphasis on traders proficient in the stock market with years of successful track record, which characterizes Mark D. Cook's market timing techniques.


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"Saturday Seminars" - Developing the Psychological Edge to Maximize your Trading

Do you react like a "deer in the headlights" when a trade moves against you? Developing techniques and skills to turn around your trading can mean the difference between success and failure. In her first presentation at TAG, Robin Dayne will teach you how to pull yourself out of a "tail spin," conquer over trading and overcome the fear of getting into a trade. No matter what type of trading you do, all obstacles and errors in trading can 99% of the time be traced back to one's emotions. Robin will show you how to develop a plan to emotionally start your day and to create the confidence to get in and out of a trade. Whether you are a novice or professional, her method will help you develop a psychological edge!

Dayne Will explore:

  • Managing Emotional Trading Swings
  • Creating Trading Certainty
  • Breaking A Losing "Tailspin"

Known as "The Trader's Coach," Robin Dayne has been sought after and appeared on ABC News 20/20, CNBC - Power Lunch, Business Week, Street.com and other trading venues. After years of studying psychology and coaching thousands of clients to realize their maximum potential, Robin found her "niche" coaching all types of stock traders. A trader herself, she learned from some of the best and studied in one of the most active Day Trading offices on Wall Street. Combining her personal experiences with her psychology expertise she has developed trading strategies and techniques to turn any trader around. These invaluable skills are taught today in her 1-1 coaching, "The Intricacies of Day Trading" seminars, and chat rooms, focusing on ones trading psychology and the "foundation" skills of trading needed to succeed.


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