"Saturday Seminars" - Strategic Analysis and Trading Tactics

Have you ever wanted to learn to trade from a professional trader? Well now you can! Robert Deel shows you the professional approach to trading and aggressive investing using MetaStock from a trader's perspective. Whether you hold a position for several days or for a few minutes, Robert shares his approach to trading from a high probability perspective. Some of the points that Robert covers in his workshop include; Synergistic Application of Technical Indicators, The Anatomy of a Trade, Draw Down and the 80/20 Rule, Tactical Trading Strategy, Mathematics of Trading, Investology and much more.

Robert developed the Enhanced Tactical Allocation Portfolio Strategies methodology. This tactical diversification system is designed for serious traders and professionals who want protective diversification without incurring a serious impact on their total return. Robert also developed the DDRL (direction, discipline, risk and leverage) equation. This equation examines your personal trading ability and methodology. It pinpoints your individual problem areas such as selection, timing, risk or money management and can help you ascertain how much leverage you should use. Learn from one of the most respected traders today.

Robert Deel is portfolio manager for Strategic Management Decisions, a registered investment advisor. He specializes in tactical portfolio management and has presented material to traders across the U.S., Canada and Europe. He also developed the D.D.R.L. equation to help traders pinpoint individual trading problems. A frequent television and radio guest, he also is auther of the book Trading your Plan

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