10 thoughts on “The MarketClub Minute - Lesson 4

  1. Great post Adam! We need more "non technical" videos like this to keep traders "grounded".

    Thanks for everything!

  2. Excellent subject. Emotions, Emotions and emotions. Both Fear and Greed are the traders worst enemies.

    Would love to see and hear more. How does one divest oneself of the emotions? What are the various things one can do to filter or screen out the emotions that come up before entry? OR how to flatten emotions when the trade is going down and you have no stop? Or you see the trade deteriorating and there is still distance before your stop?

    Planning ahead helps. But emotions tend to override logical thinking.


  3. Do you have an opinion about the move on Friday? Do you think the gap was a breakaway gap or an area gap? Do you expect the gap to close quickly?

  4. Adam....Excellent 1 minute Trading Tip......
    I wish you could get my spouse to keep
    her PASSION for the mkts OUT of TRADING
    the mkts....she loses any "cool" she may
    have had IF she sustains a LOSS; which
    brings me to my request of you:

    Please do a blog on the fact that TRADING
    at times involves taking (hopefully SMALL)
    LOSSES....and how a mkt professional deals
    with it........THANK YOU !

  5. Yes. True.

    You plod along doing OK and then one day you say, "oh to hell with it, I'm going for broke on this one." Probably the worst thing that could happen is that your flyer works and you make a bundle - that means you are that much more willing to take another big gamble you can't afford the next time things look favorable. Then you lose your shirt and your confidence.

  6. You say the most in the shortest amount of time, Adam. You are amazing. The major financial networks have not said anything as useful as your video segments for weeks.

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