How to use MarketClub's "Trade Triangle" technology

If you are still confused as to how to use MarketClub's "Trade Triangle ™" technology these five videos will help.

Each video is 90 seconds in length. The videos were made some time ago using our earlier charts and prove that the MarketClub "Trade Triangle" approach works.

Choose any market you are interested in to watch a 90 second video: - Stocks - Futures - Forex - Gold - Crude Oil


Adam Hewison,

12 thoughts on “How to use MarketClub's "Trade Triangle" technology

  1. I've had at least 25 different services contact me in the last 3 months, try to sell me there sevices. Don't they make any money in the market to support themselfes? And some of the prices on there services, I would have to trade for 6 months just to pay them off, before I made any money. The market says to buy, but some of the services say to sell. Very confusing to me, Just a little guy, a 100 share buyer and seller. I don't trade options as I don't know how and its too hard to learn from a book, and too costly to trade. I have 3 services now and they aren't worth the money I paid for them, and don't see any that are better that I am being offered. I don't like this market, and the pre traders should not be allowed to trade before the market openes. Unfair to the little guy like me, that buys after the market opens and gets his head handed to him. I starting to think that .035 at the bank isn't a bad deal. Nobody calls me and says, Doug, buy 100 shares of xyz today and sell it after it goes up 25 percent. Always given 8 stocks that I have to do the home work on and still looze. It just stinks. Doug.

  2. Does Market Club charting allow one to extend the trend-line to the right, the future, as a view point?

    1. Fritz,

      Unfortunately, this is beyond our chart's capability. I will keep this in mind though as an idea for a new chart feature in the future.


      Lindsay Thompson
      Director of New Business Development &

  3. Phil,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    The daily Trade Triangles are used when you are trading futures and forex.

    Use the weekly for trend and the daily for timing.



  4. Hey Adam, thanks for sharing these videos, i will give it a free trial and see if it works well.. Thanks once again

  5. For options do you use the same trianles as stocks? Monthly for trend and weekly for timing.

  6. I thought I understood until I watched the videos. It looks like the program works great during trending markets but gets whip sawed during non trending markets.

    Also using charts 18 months old makes me wonder how it is doing now.

    1. George,

      Thanks you for your feedback.

      Everything works better in a trending market. That is why we filter our trades. You cannot blindly take every signal. You need to filter every trade. We discuss this in almost every video.


  7. Dear Adam, how do I know that people are making money in what you're promoting. I want actual proof that ordinary people are making money trading as you say. The saying goes..."Shoe Me The Money." applies here.

    James Saito of San Diego California USA

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