Sharing what I know with others ...

One of the things I have always enjoyed, is sharing what I know with others. I have to thank my parents for teaching me the joy of sharing.

So it is in their memory, that I am excited to share with you, what I hope will be an informative, interesting and helpful series of trading lessons.

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Participating in the Traders Whiteboard experience will teach you everything you need to know to become a successful trader.

In every Traders Whiteboard video I explain in detail how to use many of the same trading tools that are in use today by some of the worlds top traders.

You are probably wondering much all of this is going to cost? The truth is, the service is free, and there are no catches.

You can credit my parents for that.

There's no registration required or needed to experience the Traders Whiteboard videos.

Your journey towards greater trading knowledge begins right here.

Adam Hewison,

9 thoughts on “Sharing what I know with others ...

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  2. I have enjoyed Adam's videos for years, but this new project should be entitled "What you need to forget if you want to become a successful trader." What you need to learn is how to properly smooth the OHLC data and then use the smoothed data (especially the Open and Close)to build and then further smooth the slopes of a carefully selected set of moving averages, and finally to project those slopes forward by one bar in order to correct for the lag created by smoothing.
    Using that approach for trading futures, I've been able to obtain a win/loss ratio that is consistently above 80% and often above 90%, using only the slopes of 3=bar, 5-bar, and 13-bar moving averages. Naturally, I've built smoothed versions of the traditional indicators Adam likes to use (MACD and CCI are my favorites), but except for my moving average slopes, the inly indicators that appear on my charts are smoothed versions of a 3-bar or 5-bar ROC and a 12-bar stochastic.
    Obviously, trade management, asset allocation, and similar topics Adam will discuss can be important, but that importance can be minimized by the high win/loss ratios achievable by proper smoothing.

    1. Thanks for sharing the video Adam.

      Hi Ken. Can you explain further your method of smoothing and your indicators. Your approach sounds really interesting and compelling.

      Thank you.

  3. Bonjour Adam,

    Great video. To me, what you have talked about are some of the basics of technical analysis but it feels good to hear about it again and again. Repetition is key when wanting to truly learn something and remember it for good.

    Thanks for taking the time to do all those videos.

    Bonne journee, :-))



    I want to thank you for the RIMM - APPL trading idea, regardless of

    For the record I placed stops just above and below recent highs and lows and could add to which everside looks like it will be a winner!



  5. Great going Adam. It is refreshing that you're a giver and not one of those that try to take money from the public. There are too many of those kind already. Thank you.

    Jim Saito of San Diego California.

  6. Adam,
    Your whiteboards are very useful to traders. Through your videos, a trader can (and ultimately he will) develop his own trading philosophy which is essential to become a successful trader.
    And, your regular videos and your triangle technic are sufficient tools to trade successfully. I followed many things in the past but triangle technic is the simplest one to follow. It consumes so little time that a trader can free himself from being chained to his screen all the time. I even started to trade Forex which is supposed to require 24x7x365 time attention. No sir, not a slave any more to FOREX market!!
    Your explanations are so simple and, above all, your voice reflects honesty. THAT appeals me the most.
    Now one request. While talking about GBPUSD, you mentioned about looking at MACD. Can you make a video on MACD detailing how to use it. Of course, many of us know how to use it but, you give a distinct look at things and I want to hear it from you.
    I also requested in my previous email to follow GBPUSD for some long period of time and take (hpothetically) all the trade signals and walk through the trades. It is a down-to-earth, real-time and hands-on approach to trade it. Can you (can we all together) do it? If you do this, I promise many of us feed you back with our questions, doubts and apprehensions which in turn trigger new thoughts in you.
    Hope you like the idea.
    -Chandra Sekhar

  7. I just reviewed all of the videos in this section again this past weekend. What a great exercise to give my mind a little tune-up. Many thanks to you for your willingness to share. I am a member of MarketClub, but appreciate ALL of the content.


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