Dollar vs Yen Cross Rate (new video)

Today's short video is a follow-up to the video that I published on July 10th for this particular cross rate. MarketClub's "Trade Triangle" technology alerted our members of a sell signal today (7/21) and I wanted to share it with you. The video is short, to the point and shows what I expect will happen to the dollar vis-a-vis the yen in the next several weeks.

You can watch this video with our compliments and there is no registration requirements. We would love to get your feedback about this video on our blog.

All the best,

Adam Hewison
Co-creator, MarketClub

2 thoughts on “Dollar vs Yen Cross Rate (new video)

  1. hi adam !!!

    i cant see a daily sell signal for usdjpy on my charts,but there is a sell signal on ur i am little confused.its really nice when u share ur knowledge.n i always look for ur videos.thanks for doing a great job.thank you again

    keep it up !!!!

    1. Bhavin,

      Please make sure you have activated the "Trade Triangles" by clicking on the three small triangle icons until they appear to be a greenish hue. Please see this link to learn more about activated the "Trade Triangles" for the various time frames :

      Below is a picture of how your chart for USDJPY should look included the daily "Trade Triangles." If your chart does not look like this please contact our support team at 1.800.538.7424



      Lindsay Thompson
      Director of New Business Development & MarketClub

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