In today's video we'll be looking at gold.

One of the nice features about MarketClub is the fact that we have real-time gold prices. If you're going to be trading or looking at gold (XAUUSDO) you need real-time prices.

After a spectacular run-up in gold values in the last decade, gold prices have slowed down and have entered into a broad trading a range. In today's video I will be looking at what are the likely scenarios that come out of this 14 month trading range.

This week (starting 7/20) could be enormously important for the yellow metal as a key level is within striking distance which will kick this market into action. In this video I give you a specific level that I am watching personally in this market.

You can watch this video with our compliments and there is no registration requirements. We would love to get your feedback about this video on our blog.

All the best,

Adam Hewison
Co-creator, MarketClub

10 thoughts on “In today's video we'll be looking at gold.

  1. Victor,

    You did the right thing that a any disciplined trader would do. if you got out of a bad trade using our trade triangle technology.

    It's always disappointing when the market doesn't go the way you expect it to go, but that's part and parcel of the trading life.

    As long as I've been involved in the markets I have known of no one who is right one hundred percent of the time. It just doesn't happen.

    So congratulations Victor on doing the right thing.

    All the best to you.


  2. Gold getting crushed today. Too bad. I was long and went out on the red triangle.

  3. Lindsay,

    Thanks for the update on Gold. I tried as you suggested, brings me to the chart.
    At present, not familiar with the futures but will keep this in mind.

  4. Adam,

    Thanks for your response.
    Checked with my broker Think or Swim, who does not have "spot gold" but have gold futures which is "/GC" on their platform.

    1. Dear Want2Retire,

      Below is a list of our GC contracts, pit, electronic and swaps. If you are logged into MarketClub and click on a link below it should take you right to the chart.

      Contract List for GOLD
      Symbol Month
      GC.N09 GOLD Jul 2009
      GC.Q09 GOLD Aug 2009
      GC.U09 GOLD Sep 2009
      GC.V09 GOLD Oct 2009
      GC.Z09 GOLD Dec 2009
      GC.G10 GOLD Feb 2010
      GC.J10 GOLD Apr 2010
      GC.M10 GOLD Jun 2010
      GC.Q10 GOLD Aug 2010
      GC.V10 GOLD Oct 2010
      GC.Z10 GOLD Dec 2010
      GC.G11 GOLD Feb 2011
      GC.J11 GOLD Apr 2011
      GC.M11 GOLD Jun 2011
      GC.Z11 GOLD Dec 2011
      GC.M12 GOLD Jun 2012
      GC.Z12 GOLD Dec 2012
      GC.M13 GOLD Jun 2013
      GC.Z13 GOLD Dec 2013
      GC.M14 GOLD Jun 2014
      GC.N09.E GOLD Jul 2009 (E)
      GC.Q09.E GOLD Aug 2009 (E)
      GC.U09.E GOLD Sep 2009 (E)
      GC.V09.E GOLD Oct 2009 (E)
      GC.Z09.E GOLD Dec 2009 (E)
      GC.G10.E GOLD Feb 2010 (E)
      GC.J10.E GOLD Apr 2010 (E)
      GC.M10.E GOLD Jun 2010 (E)
      GC.Q10.E GOLD Aug 2010 (E)
      GC.V10.E GOLD Oct 2010 (E)
      GC.Z10.E GOLD Dec 2010 (E)
      GC.G11.E GOLD Feb 2011 (E)
      GC.J11.E GOLD Apr 2011 (E)
      GC.M11.E GOLD Jun 2011 (E)
      GC.Z11.E GOLD Dec 2011 (E)
      GC.M12.E GOLD Jun 2012 (E)
      GC.Z12.E GOLD Dec 2012 (E)
      GC.M13.E GOLD Jun 2013 (E)
      GC.Z13.E GOLD Dec 2013 (E)
      GC.M14.E GOLD Jun 2014 (E)
      GC.Q09 GOLD Aug 2009/Dec 2009 Spread
      GC.N09 GOLD Jul 2009/Aug 2009 Spread
      GC.Q09 GOLD Aug 2009/Aug 2010 Spread
      GC.Q09 GOLD Aug 2009/Jun 2011 Spread
      GC.Q09 GOLD Aug 2009/Apr 2010 Spread
      GC.Q09 GOLD Aug 2009/Feb 2010 Spread
      GC.Q09 GOLD Aug 2009/Dec 2012 Spread
      GC.Q09 GOLD Aug 2009/Oct 2009 Spread
      GC.Q09 GOLD Aug 2009/Jun 2010 Spread
      GC.Q09 GOLD Aug 2009/Dec 2009 Spread
      GC.Q09 GOLD Aug 2009/Dec 2010 Spread
      GC.Q09 GOLD Aug 2009/Sep 2009 Spread
      GC.V09 GOLD Oct 2009/Dec 2009 Spread
      GC.V09 GOLD Oct 2009/Apr 2010 Spread
      GC.Z09 GOLD Dec 2009/Aug 2010 Spread
      GC.Z09 GOLD Dec 2009/Feb 2010 Spread
      GC.Z09 GOLD Dec 2009/Apr 2010 Spread
      GC.Z09 GOLD Dec 2009/Jun 2010 Spread
      GC.Z09 GOLD Dec 2009/Dec 2010 Spread
      GC.G10 GOLD Feb 2010/Dec 2010 Spread
      GC.J10 GOLD Apr 2010/Jun 2010 Spread
      GC.V10 GOLD Oct 2010/Dec 2010 Spread
      GC.Z10 GOLD Dec 2010/Jun 2011 Spread
      GC.Z10 GOLD Dec 2010/Feb 2011 Spread


      Lindsay Thompson
      Director of New Business Development & MarketClub

  5. I think this is one of your better videos because it includes: 1) candlesticks and line graphs; 2) trend lines as both resistance and support; and 3) fibonacci, to illustrate where this market has been, currently is, and may go. Also, with a little bit of potential entries and exits (within the 70 point trading range) mixed in as well... Excellent!

    Often you'll have some combination of these elements on a chart, and then on another chart you'll do another combination, but RARELY (at least over the past 3-5 months that I've been watching your stuff) have I seen you do ALL of these analyses/tricks on the SAME stock/etf, etc.

    Keep up the great work!

  6. Want2retire,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    We are basing our signals on the spot gold market. Not sure what symbol you need for your trading account. I would ask your broker on that one and ask hi what is the symbol they are using for that market.

    I like your suggestion about putting company names on the charts. It is on the drawing board.

    All the best,


  7. Hi Adam,

    What is the real symbol for this GOLD market?
    The one being used in chart and Market Club XAUUSDO in not available in my trading account !!!
    Also, can you look into displaying the company name in chart?

    Thanks in advance.

  8. Ralph,

    Thank you for your feedback. When it comes to stocks the data we use is a 15 minute delay. In precious metals such as gold and forex those signals are real-time.

    All the best,


  9. Hello,

    I have a question : when selecting stocks by score (i.e. 100 %) - how old are the data ? Is it EOD, neartime or realtime ?

    Thank you !

    With kind regards

    Ralph Gnath

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