Some thoughts on the dollar. (New Forex Video)

Today, we are dissecting and examining one of my favorite markets ... the Forex market. The Forex market is the biggest market in the world and is traded on a 24/7 basis.

What makes these markets so exciting is the fact that they have a very strong tendency to trend, that is, once they get started in one direction they tend to continue in that direction for some time.

I learned how to trade Forex in the trading pits of Chicago where I was a member of the IMM, a division of the Chicago Mercantile exchange. The CME has grown dramatically over the years, and I have many fond memories of trading in the old exchange in Chicago. Today, you can trade the stock of the CME (NASDAQ_CME).

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Today we are exploring the relationship between the Euro and the Dollar (EURUSD). In this short video, which we are making available without cost or registration, you'll catch a glimpse of a conservative way to trade the Forex markets. This approach will detach you from your computer screen and show you how to enjoy your free time without having to worry about the markets.

I would not recommend this movie if you are risk adverse. Trading in Forex, the futures markets, and in any market for that matter always has an element of risk.

I hope you enjoy this educational Forex trading video and that you're able to see the value in this approach.

Every success in the markets.


Adam Hewison
Co-creator, MarketClub

6 thoughts on “Some thoughts on the dollar. (New Forex Video)

  1. Hi Adam,

    Thank you for the information provided on your site.
    Watched your EURO/USD and the others USD videos. Very informative videos.
    Living in Canada I am just wondering what are your monthly and longer term forecasts for USD / Canadian Dollar. What is your opinion about this pair? Do you have any related videos?
    Thank you a lot.


    1. Igor,

      Thank you for your feedback. At present we do not have a USD/Canadian dollar video. But I can tell you what our trade triangles are saying about this market. Right now we are short the US dollar vis-à-vis the Canadian dollar. that can change as early as tomorrow based on our trade triangles.

      All the best,

  2. Joe,

    Thank you for your feedback. I am not an economist therefore I can't act or talk like one.

    I am a trader and I watch the market's action and that is what determines my position in the marketplace.

    One thing I learned early in my career is this: "They don't pay you any more for making the complicated."

    All the best,

  3. hi Adam and thanks for a great site and question is for you or anyone out there that may know the answer or parts of the answer...japans debt is about 160% of gdp, the u s's debt is roughly 60% of gdp and forecasted to go higher, has japan been able to keep inflation away, and maintain a low inflation rate of under 2%.....can the u s do this thru its recession just as well?
    many thanks

  4. hello Adam and thanks for a super site and information...this question is for you and anyone that can add some pieces to it..
    so many are telling us to watch out for inflation...sort of zimbabwe style if the government doesnt reverse course,,,BUT, japan is running 160% debt to its gdp, and the u s is running 60% debt to gdp and will of course go higher in future figures....Japan has held some of the lowest inflation in the world at under 2%....THOUGH I KNOW THEYVE STAYED IN A CONTINUOUS RECESSION, HOW HAVE THEY AVOIDED THE INFLATION??
    many thanks again

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