Is a divergence building in Apple?

Yesterday I produced a video on how to trade divergences in the S&P 500. Today, I'm following up that video with a divergence I see developing in one of the biggest tech stocks in the world, Apple (NASDAQ_AAPL).

In this short four minute video, I'll explain some of the possible negative divergences that are building for this market. Divergences do not mean that Apple is going to collapse, as the major trend in the stock remains firmly in the positive camp. However, it could indicate that Apple is at a highpoint for the time being.

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Adam Hewison
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2 thoughts on “Is a divergence building in Apple?

  1. Good lesson on Divergence;

    At this moment it appears you're looking at Negative Divergence in anticipation of a pull back towards 170s - - - is that correct?

  2. Hello Adam and Staff, I find them to be very easy to follow and informative. I will be signing up again, and suggest anyone just starting out in stocks or veteran newbees to sign up and give it a try you'll love it!

    Bill P

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