Trader's Blog Contest Winner For September

The winner of the September Trader's Blog contest, where we asked "Do you think that a 2nd term for Bernanke is the best move for the country" is random comment number 104. We had 224 responses, but only 218 eligible comments.

After counting the responses, 47% said that nominating Bernanke for a 2nd terms was a BAD idea, 41% said that was the best move for the time being, and 12% had no opinion.

Congrats… K. Jacobsen of Virginia


We will be contacting you shortly via email address to obtain your postal address so we can send your prize pack.

Don't forget to enter October's Contest, where we ask, "At what price will the DOW close for the last day of 2009." Thanks for participating... keep it up cause we love to hear from you.


The MarketClub Team

3 thoughts on “Trader's Blog Contest Winner For September

  1. Thank you very much for gifts as the September winner. It was a big
    surprise when you called to inform me of my win. A very nice surprise.
    I really enjoy the Marketclub site. I look forward to using the site
    now and in the future and for your continuing improvements to the
    site. Keep up the great work with Marketclub!
    Thanks again....K

    1. K,

      Absolutely! Enjoy your gifts and we appreciate your participation on the Trader's Blog.

      All the best in life and the markets,

      Lindsay Thompson
      Director of New Business Development & MarketClub

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