Holiday Giveaway Update

There are still 10 prizes to be given away in the month of December from our Trader's Blog Holiday Giveaway. If you haven't yet entered the drawing, you can still signup for a chance to win the remaining prizes.

We will be selecting 1 winner every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday through December 25th via phone call from the prize entries we receive. The winner will select their choice of prize from the list below. Once a prize as been selected, it will be crossed off and the remaining prizes will be up for grabs
for the next winner.

Enter the Trader's Blog Holiday Giveaway today!

To read about the remaining prizes, please visit the original post here.

Good luck and Happy Holidays from the Trader's Blog Team.

2 thoughts on “Holiday Giveaway Update

  1. I love your quick videos and fast articles. You get to the point and then let the reader make their own determination. Your not hawking trash but trying to make the reader aware of options as well as trends. As a trader sometimes we lose the big picture and your quick articles allow me to look elsewhere for profits. Thanks.

  2. I enjoy your videos. If I didn't join so many newsletters, etc. already, I would join Market Club. I might cancel one and join you :-).


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