It Doesn't Matter What You Think!

It Doesn't Matter What You Think!

Let me say that again: It Doesn't Matter What You Think!. Why would I say something like that? Why doesn’t it matter what you think?

Well here’s the cruel reality of the marketplace…

It doesn’t matter where these markets are headed, what matters most is that you get the direction right.

MARKET DIRECTION … is what’s important. It’s one of the keys to trading success.  The reality is that these are trading markets and are all driven by market sentiment.

These are the kind of markets we are in right now and we are likely to stay in this mode for quite some time.

As I said, what matters most is that you get the direction of the market right. You can only determine the trend by using pure market action and the easiest way to do this is by using a program that can tell you in plain English what the market is doing.

Don’t let the hype, hoopla, news, and the chat rooms fool you. A market can only do three things: it can go UP, DOWN, or SIDEWAYS - that’s it!

When you hear about the next hot or cold market that is headed for the stars or the basement, just say to yourself “it doesn’t matter.” That way, you will know when to get in and more importantly, when to get out.

Then, take a couple of minutes and watch this educational video. This video is all about common sense trading and removing the number one account killer - emotion.

Here’s to thinking “it doesn’t matter what you think,” it’s the direction of the market that is important.

Let the markets have their say … all you have to do is listen.

All the best,
Adam Hewison
Co-creator, MarketClub

11 thoughts on “It Doesn't Matter What You Think!

  1. Every day is up or down... and there are opportunities on every peak and in every valley. Investors should keep a cautious eye on the markets, but don't run scared.

  2. Thanks, Adam, I have watched all of your videos since joining marketclub in august and am starting to get a clue. Here is my question: during the video presentations I always hear you say that when a trade triangle turns red either “get out” or “short” the market. Do you mean shorting stock - like buying short on margin? I am reading about that right now and everyone says it is so risky. Do you feel it is not risky if you adhere to the trade triangles? I watched your webinar just now and should have asked this question then, but I didn't remember it until after the webinar was over. Loved the webinar, by the way, and look forward to more!

    1. Catherine,

      Shorting a stock in my mind is no more risky than buying a stock. The reason people think it is a risky to short a stock is that there is no limit on the upside. However, using our trade triangle technology you will always have a signal to exit a position that does not work out.

      In 2008 all the money that was made was made on the short side of the market. Most nonprofessional traders just go long stocks, this in my opinion is a mistake. I think you should have the ability and the knowledge to short the market when the time is right.

      I hope this answers your question.

      All the best,

  3. hi marketclub, i am considering joining your club after the 1st of the year....i do not like the markets as they have looked over the last several weeks...i trade options, once the markets, stocks, etc. appear to be in question is: can i use your monthly and weekly triangles to conservatively trade during up and down trends using at or slightly in the money options...maybe calls or puts depending on trend etc...this seems to me to be the most conservative approach with option trading and i wanted your comments and or suggestions... so if your monthly triangle is green and weekly triangle turns green as well...i would think i could buy at the money call options until weekly or monthly triangle turns this correct..not looking for guarantee but want to catch, using options (leverage) the sweet spot as u guys call it and would the reverse be true for at the money or slightly in the money put options based on your red triangles alienging? for...thanks in advance for your advice and i will be attending your 3 upcoming webinars beginning today, best regards, mark

    1. Mark,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      As I am not an options expert I cannot answer your question with any great authority. What I can say is this, we have many members of MarketClub that use our weekly and monthly trade triangles to trade options successfully.

      I strongly suggest you take a 30 day risk-free trial and just follow our trade triangles and see if they work with your style of trading. What's great about the trade triangles and MarketClub is the fact that it is adaptable to many different trading styles.

      All the best,


  4. Adam does your system work in all markets around the world that is does it also work in the MENA stock markets (Middle East & North Africa also)?

    1. Dear MH,

      Right now our quote coverage consists of North American stocks and various world markets. Below is a link to the world markets that we carry.

      If you have any questions about specific symbols that can be analyzed using MarketClub's service, please email our support team at su*****@in*.com, or call 1-800-538-7424.


      Lindsay Thompson
      Director of New Business Development & MarketClub

  5. Actually it's always been that way, but more so now because of contradictions in the market. What has been helping more to avoid the wide choppiness in the domestic markets in particular is relying more on higher time frame charts and increasing the time frame of my day trading charts.

  6. And one must always remember that market irrationality can continue well past ones ability to fund it.

  7. its the stress of waiting and deciding"is this a breakout or a false break" or bear trap....lately there has been a lot of that going around..but if it goes to plan.."it is beautiful"

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