New Ways To Profit From Seasonal And Weekly Price Patterns

In this video you'll learn how to find seasonal and weekly price patterns that have high odds of continuing in the future and how to use these patterns alone or in combination with other trading techniques to generate higher profits.

Learn what rigorous computer testing reveals about the profitability of commonly used and accepted seasonal trading techniques. Find out why price patterns found in the conventional way often fail to continue into the future. See how to use market characteristics to improve the reliability of seasonal and weekly patterns.

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The INOTV Team

What Do All Super Traders Have In Common?

Often what is missing from an unsuccessful trader's strategy has nothing to do with what trading software they are using or which technical indicators they follow, but more about their psychology as a trader.

What differentiates these "super traders" from the rest of us? Well, read the questions below and if you answer 'no' to any of them, then you may be lacking important characteristics that are holding you back from trading success.

-  Have you learned to develop patience with your trading?
-  Do you know how to come out of a loss as a better trader?
-  Are you able to avoid trading panic?
-  Do you love trading?

Watch today as Jack Schwager, best-selling author of Market Wizards, presents a powerful guide to get you on the road to profitability.

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Applying Breakthrough Trading Tools

These simple probability studies can help you dramatically increase your trading profits.

Do you want to get back to the basics without reverting back to outdated techniques? In this fast-moving video, trading techniques that employ the four basics of trading - trend, momentum, patterns and stops - reformulated and updated using higher mathematics.

Building on her experience as a successful engineer, corporate trader and risk manager, Cynthia Kase shows you how to take advantage of some cutting-edge tools and technology to broaden your knowledge of the marketplace, diminish your risk of loss and take your trading to a whole new level of success. If you're looking for state-of-the art trading techniques that can increase your profits and diminish your risk, this video is for you!

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Now This May Make You Mad

It Doesn’t Matter What You Think!

Let me say that again: It Doesn’t Matter What You Think!. Why would I say something like that? Why doesn’t it matter what you think?

Well here’s the cruel reality of the marketplace…

It doesn’t matter where these markets are headed, what matters most is that you get the direction right.

MARKET DIRECTION … is what’s important. It’s one of the keys to trading success.  The reality is that these are trading markets and are all driven by market sentiment.


These are the kind of markets we are in right now and we are likely to stay in this mode for quite some time.

As I said, what matters most is that you get the direction of the market right. You can only determine the trend by using pure market action and the easiest way to do this is by using a program that can tell you in plain English what the market is doing.

Don’t let the hype, hoopla, news, and the chat rooms fool you. A market can only do three things: it can go UP, DOWN, or SIDEWAYS – that’s it!

When you hear about the next hot or cold market that is headed for the stars or the basement, just say to yourself “it doesn’t matter.” That way, you will know when to get in and more importantly, when to get out.

Then, take a couple of minutes and watch this educational video. This video is all about common sense trading and removing the number one account killer – emotion.

Here’s to thinking “it doesn’t matter what you think,” it’s the direction of the market that is important.

Let the markets have their say … all you have to do is listen.

All the best,
Adam Hewison
Co-creator, MarketClub

Pulling the Trigger Exercises

Today I'd like everyone to welcome Larry Levin. Larry is a very well known trader and is often featured on CNBC and other financial television shows, and today he's going to be talking about one of the hardest things we as traders must do - pull the trigger! He's got some excellent advice that can be applied to all levels of traders. Please enjoy the article, comment below, and visit to learn more about Larry and check out his book.


Sometimes we can’t pull the trigger when we sense an opportunity in the market for one reason; we’re afraid!  But we are not afraid of the market, we’re afraid of ourselves.  Our fear comes from not trusting in ourselves to act in our own best interest.

You fear your inability to do what you need to do, when you need to do it, without hesitation.  Being afraid causes us to freeze and makes us unable to pull the trigger to execute our trades.  This causes missed opportunities, but the result of these missed opportunities is the real problem of not being able to pull the trigger.

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