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  1. Too fuzzy to see. Did not tell us how to activate the triangle. there are none on my charts and the 3 triangles on the top are dead. As is the voice thing. Seems like you would cover getting that to work first. Or is mine the only one that doesn't work?

    1. M Martinolich,

      There two things that you need to check.

      1. Make sure that your drop down menu on the charting is set to at least Daily and not a minute chart.

      2. Make sure that you have at least 1 month selected for your time frame along the top of the chart, not 1d or 5d.

      We only provide the Trade Triangles for the Daily, Weekly, and Monthly time frames. We don't supply intra-day signals at the present time.

      MarketClub Videos: MarketClub Improvements May 2009


    2. M,

      Thank you for your helpful feedback. We have not heard too many complaints about either the sound or the picture.

      I would recommend that you tune in to MarketClub TV this Thursday at 7 PM as I think you'll see a big improvement and you can be part of the show.

      All the best,

  2. Hi Adam,
    Would to check with you if your market club is able to provide daily update of the hang seng futures traded in new york exchange so that I can at least predict the next day market movement for the hang seng index trading.


    Best regards,


  3. Thanks for your e-mail reply on the Hang Seng triangle trend analysis.
    I am now trading stictly on the Hang Seng indexes that show 22160 level and I am not sure which one to use for your given analysis for these 3 counters ie
    The first one shows score - 60 , the second shows + 60 and the last one
    shows - 85.
    I am mostly trading intra day trades and please advise which one to use and whether your given 3 indexes are relevant to my current Hang Seng index trading.

    Awaiting your reply soon.

    1. Winstorn EE,

      Thank you for your feedback. I strongly recommend you check back with us in the early part of January as I believe we will have some tools that will better fit your type of trading.

      All the best,

    1. Craig,

      The "Trade Triangle" methodology can be adapted to trade stocks, futures, forex, ETFs, mutual funds, precious metals, and indices. Below you will find a link to the help section page which explains how to use MarketClub's "Trade Triangles" for various markets.


      If you have any questions please give the Customer Support team a call a 1-800-538-7424 or email at [email protected].


      Lindsay Thompson
      Director of New Business Development
      INO.com & MarketClub

  4. Hi Adam...this webinar is not a good example of possible gains. There is a massive gap up...what if it gapped down and you were long. Can you tell me what the average profit loss ratio is with this system. I am definitely interested in this and would like to see future webinars but with something that is not hand picked to show a great winner.

  5. Hi Sir/ madam,
    Thanks for your useful trade triangles video. Please advise if the trade triangles applicable to Dow Jones, S & P and Nasdaq index trading. If yes, can it be extended to other countries index trading like the Hang Seng Index, the UK100, etc
    If it is available, I think I would like to sign up as member.

    Best regards,


    1. Winstorn,

      The "Trade Triangles" can definitely be applied to indices. I have inserted our suggested method for indices below. How to interpret the "Trade Triangles" for various markets can also be found in our help section http://www.marketclub.com/help, and you can bookmark the specific page here: http://bit.ly/TradeTrianglesExplaination


      Monthly Triangles determine trend and possible entry points.
      Weekly Triangles determine timing : exits, entries and re-entries.

      The last triangle issued on the weekly chart should always be used to identify the overall trend. You can also use the weekly triangle as a potential entry point if you can get into the market within the last 3 trading days of the signal. Then you are to look at the daily triangles for possible exit and re-entry points, or entry points if your weekly is in a steady trend.

      Key Rule: always trade with the trend. Make sure your monthly and weekly triangles correspond in direction.


      We are working on expanding our quotes, but for now you can find a comprehensive list of indices we carry on MarketClub through our parent site, INO.com. If you can find it on INO, you will be able to find it on MarketClub as a member.



      If you have any questions or would like to get started on your 30-Day Risk Free Guarantee please give our Customer Service team by emailing [email protected], or by calling 1-800-538-7424.


      Lindsay Thompson
      Director of New Business Development
      INO.com & MarketClub

  6. Jeremy and Susan,

    Thanks so much for this very useful webinar on the blog.
    I can look at it anytime. It has really helped me to have a better understanding of Market Club !

    Thanks for all your help in understanding the triangles. This is some very useful information.
    This is greatly appreciated.


  7. Overall I think it was a very good presentation. The audio at my end had an echo and a little garbling.

    I do think that most beginners did not understand your explanation concerning the frequency of the "so-called" Monthly, Weekly and Daily triangles. The frequency of their appearance is not monthly, weekly or daily. They are placed automatically as the price movements warrant a trend change. The triangle labeled as monthly only occurs when there is a "reversal" in the long term price trend. This frequency may be once a year (as in the AMZN example) or it may be 6 times a year depending on the volatility of the equity you are looking at. I made a much more detailed explanation in one of the blogs a month or so ago.

    I would also like to point out in your AMZN example that you would make more money by ignoring the weekly triangles and just use the monthly. In this case you would have saved 4 entry and exit fees and you would be up $82.62. This is a 58% better return than your example. I know there are other considerations such as risk factors to be considered when ignoring the daily and weekly triangles.

    Let me know if I have mis-stated anything

  8. Hi there, everything was looking great until the question at 10min 25sec, where jeremy does not appear able to answer the question about the shorter term signals and it all got very confusing. Could somebody please clear that up, as I think many people will be interested in the signals on different time frames.

    Many thanks

    1. Hi Richard,

      The question around the time that you pointed out was about whether or not the "Trade Triangle" placement changed depending on what time frame you had your chart set at and in fact, it does not.

      If you're interested in more information about our short-term trading strategy, I suggest attending tomorrow's webinar which covers this topic. You can register by clicking here.


  9. Hello,

    Great video. Thanks for putting it on.

    Here is some feedback: The sound was not that great. It would be great if the recording could be improved for future webinar.

    Also, when opening the video to make it as large as the computer screen, the image appears blurry.

    Keep up the nice job and thanks again for all your great postin on the blog.



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