12 thoughts on “MarketClub Webinar Part 2

  1. Hi Jan,

    This was our first attempt at recording the webinar so it is a little rougher than the more recent ones. Hopefully we won't have quality issues like this in the future.


    Susan Jackson
    Blog, Webinar, & Education Group
    INO.com & MarketClub

  2. Both the audio and video are super poor. You can't hear anything and you can see less. Aggravating.

  3. Very nice and informative webinar.
    Just need to fix Audio and Video screen is not clear ...it's fuzzy.
    Please use what Adam is using for his short video
    Thanks again

  4. Jeremy/Susan/Adam,

    a request for changes to the Recent Trade Triangles scan page.

    I had not noticed before viewing this webinar that the font size was different for the symbols in my portfolio that come up on the scan. I just ran a scan and the larger font is not as obvious as it could be. I am wondering if you could also alter the font to make it more noticeable by making it BOLD and maybe changing the color (how about fuchsia)?

    Also, what about adding the same filter that you have on your Smart Scan page so that US and Canadian Exchanges can be scanned separately. Even better, what about being able to scan the major US exchanges separately?

    I think these things might make what you already provide a bit faster and more efficient for subscribers.


    1. Bcrow,

      Thanks you for your excellent feedback.

      I have passed along your suggestions to our tech team.

      All the best,

  5. FYI to subscribers:

    To view this lesson in FULL SCREEN:

    FIRST: Look above the blue screen on this page for the words:

    Filed Under Marketclub Webinars

    SECOND: CLICK ON Marketclub Webinars (should be highlighted already)

    LASTLY: Once that screen loads, look at the very bottom and on the far right. There are four icons. Click on the one furthest to the right.

    Voila! Full Screen

  6. Another good presentation; but you need to fix the audio for Jeremy. Susan's audio was just fine.

    1. Sunco,

      We're glad you enjoyed the webinar! We're working on the audio issues, so hopefully they won't be a problem this time around.


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