Walk the walk, trade the trade, and talk the lingo

As a way of showing our thanks for your support in 2010, we are making available to you a compendium of trading terms that you will find useful in the New Year.

The download is a PDF document that you can view onscreen or print out and have a permanent copy next to you.

We hope that the coming year is even better for you than 2009 and that we can continue to be your website of choice.

From all of us here at INO.com and MarketClub.com, we wish you and yours a safe and Happy Holiday season and a most prosperous New Year!

7 thoughts on “Walk the walk, trade the trade, and talk the lingo

  1. Thanks Adam for sharing your knowledge with us via the videos you present. I hope you will continue to do the same in the new year. I find them very useful especially showing where you think the highs and lows will be.Merry Christmas and have a healthy and profitable New Year!!

  2. Let's not make this blog into a political forum, shall we @larry? Trading and religion don't have to mix.

  3. I am reading you for quite a time, and this is my first comment. I would like to thank you for your great articles and videos, which are a very useful source of information, and also I would like to wish you and your team Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year.
    All the best from Romania.

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