The MarketClub Minute - Lesson 8

What do all successful traders have in common? Today Adam shares what might be the most important facet in trading like the pros. This last minute in the MarketClub Minute series is a "can't miss"!

Click here to view Lesson 8 in the MarketClub minute series and find out what will keep you from avoiding a common downfall of new traders.


Adam and The MarketClub Team

3 thoughts on “The MarketClub Minute - Lesson 8

  1. Susan,
    The volume on this video was extremely low. It would be more helpful if yiu clear and more volume for better quality informative video.
    Also, please have Adam provide a detailed stock selection process to buy and sell using marketclub tools(triangle etc.) This will give hands on knowledge for application of your tools.
    Thank You,
    Hitesh Patel

  2. There's definite truth to being disciplined to get in and out of the markets. My post tomorrow reveals how discipline kept me in the positive for January without incurring losses. Frankly, it was simply due to discipline.

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