Trader's Whiteboard: Lesson 7

Do you know how to tell if a market has topped out? Has it hit the bottom? If you know how to look at your chart and pick out a flag or symmetrical triangle pattern, you may have your answer and be able to react accordingly.

In the seventh Trader’s Whiteboard Lesson, Adam illustrates two key continuation patterns that will tell you if the market has had a little hiccup or if it will be staying down for quite a while.

Watch today and add this tool to your “trading toolbox”.


The MarketClub Team

6 thoughts on “Trader's Whiteboard: Lesson 7

  1. Sean,

    Thanks for you kind words and every success in your job search. Looks like you have a great positive attitude.

    I look forward to welcoming you back to MarketClub very soon.


  2. Hi Adam,

    I was a subscriber but have since lost my job and am finding it hard to keep up paying my bills so I had to cancel my subscription to MC. I don't trade much anymore and in fact have been cashing out and spending my savings. Times are tough but I wanted to say thank you for your free videos. I always look forward to watching them while trying to stay informed about the markets. MC is a breath of fresh air in a internet stock market world where everyone is pushing get rich quick subscriptions. MC is the ONLY subscription service I ever trusted. I plan to come back and join the club as soon as I am financially able. Keep up the good work.


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