Is The US Dollar Reversing Again?

It's been a while since we did a video on the euro/dollar relationship. This relationship may be reversing again based on recent price action. In today's short video I point out some of the changes we see happening in this market.

This week could be shaping up to be an extraordinary week in the markets. I strongly recommend that traders everywhere take precautionary measure measures to protect capital.

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Adam Hewison
Co-creator, MarketClub

9 thoughts on “Is The US Dollar Reversing Again?

  1. Your videos are great but I have a question I cannot seem to answer.

    Is there an ETF that plays AUDJPY?

  2. It is always great and useful to watch your videos. Thanks
    I am not so sure about the reversal, the $ index (NOT €/$) is completing a rising wedge, that is taking the Euro up, but once completed???? I wouldn't be surprised that, once completed, the $ would resume its trend up......

    All the best

  3. Great video... I suspect most of the emotion is gone from this trade now too... which is why we're seeing some leveling out. I'm wondering about the 142.50 comment toward the end... where is that figure derived from?

  4. A potential further drop of the USD against the Euro seems positive for Gold in USD. Last week, USD down, Gold down, Stocks down, Euro up. Seems like there will be a reversal in the USD or Gold soon. Was gold's bearish move last week on the weekly chart, a fakeout/bottoming out move, rather than the beginning of a multi-week downtrend?

  5. adam ok so you say according to the fibronacci that euro has hit that bottom trendline..... ok... so if euro hits that bottom trendline wont the money go out of the usa dollar and into the euro ? and if money goes out of the usa dollar doesnt gold usually do good when money goes out of the usa dollar ? and what did you mean that this st patricks day week is a special that you feel gut feeling week ? what is your gut feeling about this week - positive or negative in regards to what markets ? regards, lou

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