22 thoughts on “DOW in danger?

  1. Consumumption down, deleveraging occuring, growth down, unemployment up, demand for credit down. Therefore the dow has decoupled from the real economy. The dow has had it's normal increase from the lows i am predicting the Dow at 4,000.00 no recovery for at least 3 years with a slow climb to boom times again in 2020.

    What we have seen since 2008 is a step change people are saving, and paying off debt as fast as they can.... not good for consumption based economy.

  2. sorry, but I hope it goes lower(but i think it is correcting). that's the best opportunity to buy and profit. ex. march up to now

  3. just a correction,kirk is right ,excellent buying opportunities in the sectors he mentions,june july we should see correction end and market will take off again......august or september could see market drop big....once again providing buying opportunities......gold will keep going higher,of course with little pullbacks along the way,once dollar retreats and it will soon watch market take off as well as gold and mining stocks.......................

  4. Dow shall continue to go down until it reaches a level that is a real indicator of economic conditions. The bearish trend of second half 2008 and the bullish rally in second half of 2009, both had taken DOW to unsustainable levels. The events that followed have proved it. So the present crash is a return to realistic levels. I believe the an equillibrium is reached, somewhere around 8,500 - a true reflection of US and global economic situation.

  5. The economy and market will never recover until 2 major banks are liquidated and their forclosures are sold off cheaply to other banks so they can liquidate them to the lower middle class, the only ones left with enough credit to buy homes and get things rolling again.

  6. Description of the market in the past 4 days. Panic washout, correction with minor reversal, normal selling pressure, key day reversal above previous day's close. Good description of a short term bottom. Long term bearish, but would not miss this buying opportunity. Sell into strength at Fib 50%.

  7. Wait just a cotton-picking minute. Doesn't the markets look forward? Over the past 2-3 months, haven't we had 70-80 percent of corporations reporting pretty good profits? Aren't corporate profits the ONE big ticket in moving our market forward? Sorry, but to me, Greece being in trouble, or someone passing gas in another little country should not control our markets to the degree we are seeing. Take the time to read the daily reasons our markets go up and down. What a bunch of poop. In my opinion, our markets are maneuvered at will by a select few. And, we little folks had better hope we are on the right trolly car.

  8. When the headline reads, Dow in NO danger..... then I'll short. right now I'm buying you suckers.

  9. Right now I'm all kinds of bullish. This is a set-up, no question. The stock market is making it's bottom and up to new levels. There will be no crash. Crashes happen when least expected and everyone is over bullish. I can't help but notice the 70-30 on the poll. Are you telling me I should go with the herd on this on? I don't think so. Good luck to the shorts because they are about to cover and push the indexes to new all time highs. Then, I'll be in there putting on some short positions. Good luck to all!

  10. Be greedy when others are fearful. The energy sector and mines are providing some great buying opportunities.

      1. Jay, I've been buying a moly producer, Thompson Creek. They have over 500 million in cash and about 10 million in debt with a market cap of 1.3 billion. Moly is a key component in manufacturing steel. Moly prices are around $17 but TC produces it in the mid $5's.

        I really like silver and my two favorite names there are Silver Wheaton (SLW) and Hecla (HL). HL produces silver for -$3/oz (due to selling of other minerals like lead) and is set to produce around 12 million ounces this year.

        Good luck to you!

    1. Kirk here seems to be the only reasonable one posting today!

      Most others appear to be confusing the economy with the markets. They are two different animals. There was no reason (based on our economy) for the markets to go up 60% in twelve months, yet they did!

    2. Be greedy when others are fearful:
      It is the best way to invest in a normal bull market.

      The most important thing is to identify what type of market we are in: bear or bull.

      Current state of market indicates that we were in a bear market rally, therefore one should take actions accordingly.

  11. Gone to cash until 99 weeker story unfolds in the media. Should be a rough ride for the next few weeks.


  13. Things will turn worse, we are not even half way through the market slide, I must say its not only a bear market, but its a collapse of the financial and economic system. I think situation would go bad to worst into 2011.

    Pull back are part and parcel so continue selling at strength and accept it that we were in a bear market rally and we are in a bear market. Never trade against the trend.

    Printing money can only delay the crises. I just hope that FED may have done some work on solid footings during the time they bought by printing money; last one year and more.

  14. Economi has to turn back, 10% unemployeement too high. Also, The World is going down, No need to war in this step. Most people is saving money. Also all high price on every thing.

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