We are back in the gold market

After exiting all long positions at 1217.72 on 5/18, we reinstated long gold positions seven days later on 5/25 at 1196.57.

As many of you know who watch my videos, we use our weekly "Trade Triangles" for trend direction and our daily "Trade Triangles" for timing entry and exit points. It was those daily "Trade Triangles" that flashed a buy signal on 5/25.

Given the chaotic state of the world and all the cross currents that are running in the banking system, we would not be surprised to see gold once again climb up and challenge the $1,250 level. All of our "Trade Triangles" are green and 100% to the upside. This indicates that a strong trend is once again in place for the gold market.

The video is available for viewing now and there is no charge or registration requirement.

Gold traders are always a very vocal segment of the trading population and so we encourage you to let your voice be heard below.

All the best,
Adam Hewison
President, INO.com
Co-creator, MarketClub

12 thoughts on “We are back in the gold market

  1. Aside from technical indicators and day trading, these metals are a safe bet considering all of the risk factors that exist going forward. In other words, there are several land mines that are clearly not all going to be overcome in the course of the next couple decades. Be it debt issues, increasing probabilities of social unrest, geopolitical governmental struggles, escalating levels of potential hi casualty wars, awareness of ethical issues of the merger of corporations and state, the reduction in jobs due to technology, people moving away from the brainwashing tv tube. Consider that all this turmoil is in large part due to technology and how it is allowing people to start thinking for themselves. Not that everything on the Internet is true, but people are starting to see that every coin has two sides. The media is starting to loose it's HR control capabilities and people are starting to save money. The joke is starting to be called and the wool is starting to come off our eyes. Consider that the main stream economists say the only way we will sustain-ably come out of this is if the masses start saving less and taking on more credit. Now if that is not counter intuitive or a great example of the have-nots getting skewered by the haves, don't know what else could be more insightful. The metals are real, we can't fabricate them (yet), and that is why truth (real things) are going to continue gaining value. The thought that the age old manipulation will re-emerge and reign supreme is no longer as viable. We likely will finally overcome what limits us most. It may take a couple decades, but I do believe.

  2. I bought into gold on May 24 because in my humble opinion gold had 'bottomed'. Then, I joined Market Club. Everything I bought into had downtrend signals. I thought, Oh hell I screwed up. So, on the 25th I sold my gold positions.

    Now, you SOB's tell me that you bought INTO gold on the 25th. Thanks a lot. Your advice is about worthless. It seems you are a day late and more than a dollar short. I've learned my lesson. Your trading triangles appear to "forecast the past" not the future.

    Anyone care to explain to me just exactly how one uses the trading triangles as an indication of FUTURE performance? I honestly would appreciate it.

    My best guess is that Market Club waits until a trend change is already apparent and then announces - the trend changed, oh how helpful. Yes, I am irritated - who wouldn't be.

  3. To SD,...

    Mines have only one way to go....and that is UP.

    We are in a gold bull run...the money the US, Europe and Asia have spent and printed have made sure of that.
    Don't miss out.
    Things play out over a longer course and gold will make a run for the earlier high...and will probably smash that and go and look for higher areas.


  4. If there is just one more problem eg. with Italy there will be a substitution run from Euro into gold but also Into the USD/Swiss France and Jen - just like ordinary bank runs. It´s a game theoretical problem. You must be the firts one - or you will find yourself with some loo of paper back again. The same problem will arise if the interest rates are going up - and they will - whatever the reason will be. Inflation or rising country risk rates. Then the European budget deficites will be going up sharply - and a lot of countries will not be able to handle it anymore. And thats the end of the Euro - dream.

  5. In one of your previous videos, you said you didn't expect gold to hit a new high this year. What happened?

    1. Hello Jo,

      Adam formulated his opinion regarding gold based on information he gathered from MarketClub and from his professional experience.

      Based on specifically MarketClub (and our suggested method for gold futures):


      There has been a weekly green Trade Triangle, suggesting a long-term positive trend and position direction, on 4/5 @ 1,133.2. There was a red daily Trade Triangle suggesting to close our long position at 5/8 @ 1,217.5, and then a get back in green daily Trade Triangle on 5/25 @ 1,191.8.

      We are currently in a long position for gold based on the suggested Trade Triangle setup. I'm including a chart below so that you can see the Triangles.

      I know this isn't getting Adam's direct response as he's out of town for a bit, but I hope it helps nonetheless.

      Thank you,

      Lindsay Bittinger
      INO.com & MarketClub

    1. SD,

      I don't want to speak for Adam, but he is out of the office. I can't say if mining stocks are going up, going down, or moving sideways in the future. However, I can use our MarketClub service to analyze a mining ETF. Below is an image of our Chart Analysis Score for "Spider S&P Metals & Mining ETF".

      You can also click on this symbol to sign up for our complimentary Trend Analysis email (if you are not a MarketClub member), and you can add more mining ETFs or mining stocks to this daily analysis.

      AMEX: XME

      I know this is not a future analysis of mining stock, but I hope it will suffice while Adam is away.

      Thank you,

      Lindsay Bittinger
      INO.com & MarketClub

  6. oh yes look gold is up due to the weakening of the mighty dollar of the bankrupt usa..... how nice... thank goodness our commie friends of the govt of china are holding most of our debt in the form of usa treasuries ..... where would we be without them ? god bless em those commies hahahahahaha

  7. why did you exit? cause of a triangle ? youre triangles are too erratic ... should have listened when i mentioned gold is going to hit a new high and JUST HOLD ! this is a very VOLATILE market with lots of VOLATILITY ! most of it is traders getting in and out of a stock short term thus trade triangles going off and soon on again.......... HOLD your gold and silver stocks for the long term... you will make more money holding long gold and silver then every time a trade triangle tells you to sell then soon after to get back in again ! ALL THE BEST ....... LOU

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