We are back in the gold market

After exiting all long positions at 1217.72 on 5/18, we reinstated long gold positions seven days later on 5/25 at 1196.57.

As many of you know who watch my videos, we use our weekly "Trade Triangles" for trend direction and our daily "Trade Triangles" for timing entry and exit points. It was those daily "Trade Triangles" that flashed a buy signal on 5/25.

Given the chaotic state of the world and all the cross currents that are running in the banking system, we would not be surprised to see gold once again climb up and challenge the $1,250 level. All of our "Trade Triangles" are green and 100% to the upside. This indicates that a strong trend is once again in place for the gold market. Continue reading "We are back in the gold market"

Candle Sticks, Gold and a Trader's Journey

Consistent, successful trading requires a systematic approach that you are 100% confident in.  When talking to today's guest blogger and INO TV author Gary Wagner of "Forex Gold Forecast" a few days ago about recent trades, it amazed me how confident he was in his own technical analysis. I thought it would make a good article for the Trader's Blog so I had him write down a few thoughts on trading and how he has utilized his own system.


Effective trading is a science, but it is also an art. Choosing the scientific models (technical indicators) you wish to combine to create your trading methodology requires a journey. A journey over time, through which by trial and error you will arrive at an approach that is successful. You need to assemble a toolbox of technical indicators like an artist assembles brushes. Just as each brush creates a different effect, each technical indicator reveals distinctive information about the market. Knowing which technical brushes to use and when to use them is essential. It will provide the trader with the tools needed to create an effective systematic approach. Continue reading "Candle Sticks, Gold and a Trader's Journey"