It's that time again...

Time for another live episode of MarketClub TV tonight at 7pm EST and you're invited!

Join us tonight as we talk about the markets, helpful trading tips, and anything else you have a question about - related to trading of course. We will also be giving away free bonuses and a YEAR of MarketClub to one lucky viewer.

Click here to get register!

As always, we take your questions and comments very seriously and we heard from many viewers that some of the charts were hard to see during the show and so our MarketClub TV producer, Jeremy "Hollywood" Lutz, spent lots of time working on the clarity of the charts for this week's show.

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose so we hope you will join us!

Susan Jackson
Co-host of MarketClub TV

8 thoughts on “It's that time again...

  1. Enjoyed the White Board on Trend Lines,
    but would preferred to have had it posted as a link on the Blog
    and kept the live broadcast to Susan & Adam.
    Also would like clearer instructions on how to ask questions posted on the Blog.
    The TV website is a little confusing to me.

    1. John,

      As always thank you for your valuable feedback.
      We will work on explaining how to contact us to ask questions on the show.


  2. Susan, I miss 100% of live web simply because 7pm. your time is not 7pm my time so I prefer to watch the recorded versions > yes I can go to extremes to look it up & I have done so, but bed still wins out . I have a 50 inch Samsung Flat screen tv with a 5 yr. warranty I have to ship it 1200 klms. to get it fixed do you have these problems in America ( Mt.Isa to Cairns/Townsville Queensland Australia , google it ). The point that I am making is driving west to east 1,200 klms. to deliver my TV for repair I will be in the same time zone would this be the case in America if not you need a reference for the time zone so as you can arrive when the shop is open . Here in lies the problem 7pm my time , not 7pm. world time country area specific eg:
    7pm est is an Australian time zone it also is an American time zone and I don't know how many other countries also enjoy this time zone status so more information needs to be included for the rest of the world viewers time zone wise . So be a leader in the field and improve your time zone details and watch the opposition follow suit.

    cheers Don

  3. GMND will go to .25 in next 90 days based upon huge contract in Asia. Company has 47 million shares at .018

  4. Thanks for the re-broadcast at least will be able to catch up on some
    good commentary about the market... rgds, john a

  5. I won't be available to watch tonight. Can you send me a link to view the program at another time?
    Thanks, Dave

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